Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On my daughter's Birthday...

Last night after work, I made my way home on the Loser Cruiser, as per the norm. My head was swimming with distractions as there is admittedly a lot going on in my world as of late. Thank God for this electronic New York Times' Crossword Puzzle game my better half got me some time back... It takes up my time when on the bus, stimulates my mind in a positive way and allows me to drift away from all the bad stuff in the world. After all, I don't want to end up being like the people in those TV commercials, where they have wee little heads from lack of mental stimulation...

Arriving home by 1715 hrs, it occurred to me that it was the birthday of one of my lovely daughters. Doing a little detective work, I discovered she was expected at her place of employment from 1800hrs on that evening. I grabbed a quick bite, took care of some phone calls I had on the back burner and then got dressed to take the bus back into town, at least as far as where my spouse works, as I planned on taking our vehicle for the remainder of the trip in. The bus arrived at 1837 hrs. Before long I was disembarking at the corner of Innes and Blair and headed to my spouse's jobsite. Once there, she helped me locate a wonderfully soft and cuddly lounging blanket, perfect for warding off any winter chill while snuggling on the couch at home. I had one more short stop to make along Alta Vista on my way in and ended up arriving on Bank Street at 1930 hrs. I was pleasantly surprised to find a parking spot very near my final destination. She was in the company of her beau and several friends and was both surprised and delighted to see me.

I shared a drink with her (non-alcoholic, of course...) and we had a wonderful visit. She is so beautiful, so intelligent, so very talented on many levels and so full of life. Still, I cannot look upon her without seeing that little girl who could charm and make everyone laugh. She retains this wonderful sense of humour to this day. She fills me with pride and admiration. Now she is a parent herself, her own daughter verging on her teen years, though one would never suspect it to look at her. Over the years, as circumstances had forced us to be provinces apart for a number of these occasions, I have not always been there or even remembered such precious events. They were celebrated far from me, in the company of others, her 'other' family. Yet my love and concern for her has never faltered. I seem to have a mental blockage for dates, possibly a result of my professional drinking career. I missed so much of their teen years and early adulthood. Times I truly wish could be recaptured. All I can do, is to fully enjoy those moments we are ever so fortunate to share in the present. And last night was certainly enjoyable.

Happy Birthday, my little girl... I love you.

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