Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some good news from Kandahar...

So this morning before heading into work, I checked my Facebook page and my e-mails. There waiting for me, was an e-mail from my daughter in Kandahar. She reported that she was very happy for us, getting the chance to run away to Cuba for a week. I actually finalized my packing only last night.
She also advised me that she might well be returning home earlier than expected. My heart leapt when I read those words. I know that both she and her man have been despondent since she returned to base from her LTA leave. This will come as great news for both of them.
I am only learning by dribs and drabs, the actual involvement my daughter and her mates have had in the conflict in Afghanistan. All that I can say is that she does her uniform and her old man proud. Her team provides vital security overwatch for our men who travel outside the wire.
They have already been officially commended by the Commander Task Force Kandahar, for their efficiency and professionalism, their actions having resulted in the prevention of coalition losses. I cannot imagine the weight that this level of responsibility puts on her and her crew. The stress must be enormous.
And yet, they carry out their duty unflinchingly and with the highest degree of aplomb. The thought of having her back home safe and sound, is a very welcome one. I would dearly love to be one of the very fortunate parents, who have their child return safe from the field of battle.
My thoughts remain though, with those who have not been so fortunate...

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