Wednesday, July 13, 2011

As we leave Afghanistan...

Photo by David Goldman - AP

On 30 June 2011, it was broadcast by the media that Canadian combat troops were being withdrawn from Afghanistan. Once more, Canadian troops had been called into battle and had acquitted themselves in exemplary fashion. But now what? Not all of our objectives had been met, the enemy was still firmly entrenched and bent on destroying any advancements our mission there might have accomplished.

I cannot rid myself of this spirit of unease, as I wait for the other proverbial shoe to fall. The fact that our combat troops have been withdrawn from this theatre of war, does not mean or imply that we have no more boots on the ground. There are still contingents of Canadian service personnel active in Afghanistan. Their mission now is to train the still-fledgling Afghan National Army (ANA).

I cannot imagine it otherwise that with the departure of our combat troop strength, the Taliban will no doubt be emboldened. Now would be their most opportune time to mount a 'surge offensive' of their own. How would our reduced personnel cope with such an attack? Would they even be able to maintain control of the airfield at Kandahar? These are things I think about, when I lie in bed at night...

I somehow think I may not be alone in this.

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