Friday, December 2, 2011

What...? NO Christmas Tree...????

Okay... Here's my rant-du-jour...

I found out today that at Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (Service Canada) offices, the employees are forbidden to put up a Christmas tree, for fear of "offending people of other religious beliefs". Now, I know that the folks that write government policy on many fronts, are not exactly 'intellectual luminaries' when it comes to the use of common sense and/or fair play, but it had never occurred to me that they would be willing participants in selling off our own cultural rights. So this begs the question: "Are the hiring practices which give preference to immigrants for positions within the federal government (at the expense of folks born and raised here), partly to blame for this denigration of our own beliefs and cultures? It would only follow suite that reversely prejudicial hiring practices would spill over to the importance given to other aspects of our Canadian identity.

Needless to say that this farce has gone on long enough. Remember, immigration means assimilation. You don't move here to turn this country into some other nationalistic state, you move here to become Canadian. That means adopting our culture, traditions and values. To do other wise is not immigration, it's invasion. And let's call a spade a spade here. These people are NOT immigrants. Immigrants founded this country. Those who come here in ever-increasing numbers these days are migrants. The only people who might ostensibly be offended by our observance of Christian holidays (let's be honest and totally politically incorrect here), are the Muslims. Canada's Jewish population has always been quite okay with Christmas in Canada, even though they may not observe it themselves. They are Canadians. No other sector of our population has ever expressed any form of 'indignation' when it comes to the celebration of Christmas.

My country will not become a Muslim state, with all the abhorent customs, traditions and mindsets which come with that particular sect. And every single Canadian, regardless of where they hail from, should be making a lot of noise to protest this creeping regression of our national identity. Maybe we should begin voicing our discomfort and revulsion in seeing women wearing the hallmarks of a repressive and mysoginistic religion, such as niqabs, hijabs and definitely burkas. These are the relics of a stone-age mentality and they have no place in a progressive society such as Canada. Every woman out there should feel insulted to see these trappings worn by their so-called sisters.

Neither has there been much of an outcry by the public following the spate of 'honour killings' in our country, even though the media has finally clued in to them. Cases of domestic violence against women throughout Canada, amongst all races and religions, are already startling. But there has been a disturbing and steadily increasing trend when it comes to honour killings amongst the Asian and Middle-Eastern communities. There are many articles to be found online regarding this topic, the link below is simply a 'for instance':

The writing is already on the wall for all to see. Those who care to look, at any rate. How far will this trend be allowed to go before we as a nation, finally come to our senses and recognize what is at stake here? If someone has a problem with Christmas, they can bloody well move. It should also tell you a lot about the person who offers such a comment. If a particular sect of our society want to subjugate and terrorize their women and young girls, they can take that back home with them. This isn't Teheran or Peshawar yet. Importing that type of blinkered, philistine pig-ignorance is not only at loggerheads with everything we believe in, it's an act of war.

For our federal government to not only aid and abet such behaviour, but to partake in it as well, is beyond reprehensible.


Seems as though first of all, this edict for Service Canada offices, was relegated to those offices in the Province of Qu├ębec. Somehow I'm not overly surprised. However, it seems that this decision has been overturned by the Minister for HRSDC here in Ottawa.

I guess this is a case of  "all is well that ends well"... Well done to Minister Findlay.

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