Sunday, January 13, 2008

On celebrities...

Okay, here's the deal... I absolutely don't get what's been going on for the last maybe 20 years or so, with regards to this major goddamn fixation with "celebrities". And I use the term very loosely here, because most of 'em aren't celebrities in their own right, they're been invented by the media itself. There have always been 'celebrities' in every culture and generation, but the degree of obsessive 'idol worship' which has been granted them of late, is simply off the hook.

It wasn't too long ago that people were able to lead normal lives, while still being somewhat aware of the existence of these certain individuals, who lived in a totally different universe. We had plenty of celebrities. Movie stars, singers, musicians, entertainers of every type. But nobody cared a rat's ass what they did when they weren't on screen or on stage. Nobody cared what they wore, what they drove, where they lived or even how much they made. It simply didn't matter. And quite frankly, if you have a life of your own to live, it still doesn't!! Nowadays, it's all you hear of. Newsworthy items and events which could significantly impact our everyday existence, are pre-empted if not totally ignored by the so-called 'news channels', so that they can bring us "live updates" on the latest screw-ups committed by those who contribute so little to our society, while being paid obscene and totally unjustified amounts of money.

What will it take to bring our sense of priorities back into focus? I see young girls and young ladies drooling over what a certain celeb is wearing, what she's driving, how her hair is done... They are totally absorbed and obsessed by this "life of fame and fortune" crap. Sure a lot of us went through a 'rock star' fantasy phase at some point during my day, but then reality set in. We didn't carry these delusions with us into our thirties, or think of ourselves as failures because we were not rich and famous at 24! These young people nowadays all want to be like their 'idols' and they hate their lives, their clothes, their hair, themselves... What the Hell is wrong with people? I often hear: "Who would you want to be...?" They always appear so dismayed and incredulous when I reply that I'm just fine being me, thank you very much.

"No really...don't tell me you like being who you are...!?!?", they'll say. "Kindly explain why I would want to be someone else than who I am?", I ask them. "But just would be so'd be rich and you could do whatever you want, and...". "...and I'd probably be horrendously unhappy and insecure, just like they are...and I'd wind up in rehab or some other institution... Well, thanks but no thanks". Why the Hell would I want to be anyone but who I am? You think I'd be cooler if I was someone who had a shit outlook on life, was uncomfortable in my own skin and lived a completely false and irresponsible lifestyle? There's a reason why they are who they are and I am who I am.

They haven't lived what I have lived, been where I have been, seen what I have seen and they certainly couldn't do what I can do. There's not one of them who is that skilled, that experienced or that friggin' cool. Do you think any one of those losers could fill my shoes??? Not fucking likely...
"Entertainers" are a dime a dozen. Whether they are actors, singers, whatever. Musicians I will give a nod to, as true musicians do have a modicum of talent. That would exclude probably 70 percent of today's industry, by the way... And celebrities whose only claim to fame is "simply being famous"? How contrived and made-up is that? Are you shitting me? Do you realize that if all these "famous" people were to suddenly vanish off the face of the earth tomorrow, society would not even register a hiccup?

They are merely here to distract us from our daily reality. Something a trained monkey could do, really. But for us who actually make the world go around (and no, it's not them who make this happen...not by a long shot...), reality is our daily bread and butter. They may well be good at living in a world of make believe, but give me reality every time.

So truly wonderful, gifted, talented, beautiful individuals are left to spend their time wishing they weren't who they are. They have convinced themselves that they are 'not as good as', 'not as beautiful as', 'not as successful as'.... Gimme a break... Most of these young people (who are our future, by the way) far outshine those they aspire to be. How wrong is that?

Not too surprising other cultures look at North Americans and want to take us out at the knees...

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