Thursday, January 31, 2008

On political correctness...

I have gone on record as stating that I despise, loathe and otherwise dislike 'political correctness'. This buzzword is no more, no less than the gutting of our language and our culture, in order to pander to those who are 'different' than the greater majority of us. Practising 'Political correctness', is basically equivalent to having your spine removed.

In our speech, it is the omission or 'toning down' of the words we have grown up with, because they might 'cause offense' or 'hurt someone's feelings'.

Let me be as plain and as succint as I can with this one. Possibly the very last thing in this world that any one of us is responsible for, is another person's feelings. I know... I know... many if not most of us were raised to believe just the opposite. I have come to find out in later years however, that those who had a hand in raising us, or were responsible for our 'social conditioning', were probably amongst the most dysfunctional and fucked up individuals to be found.I'm not saying they meant any ill will, I'm just saying they didn't have the appropriate tools or skills for the job they were handed.

We are not responsible for the emotions of others. Each of us chooses to feel however we do, at any given moment in our life. If there is a person amongst us who would turn over control of their emotions to someone else, then I will say they deserve any and all misery which comes their way, as a result of having done so. Letting other people dictate how we feel, either by their words or by their actions, is the very definition of insanity and dysfunction. If you think on this for even a few seconds, you cannot but agree with this line of reasoning.

Being offensive? What are you kidding me? The North American, never mind that, the languages of the World, have always thrived upon the art of the insult. It is one of the basic purposes of communications. The outward display of displeasure or outrage, when confronted with unacceptable behaviour or beliefs. The humility-inducing put-down. The timing and savagery of the cutting remark. The inuendo of the double-entendre. There are times when a person should be insulted! When they should be submitted to a barrage of epithets, cussed roundly and at length, simply because their lack of intellect, their braying stupidity, their unparalelled arrogance, or their absence of social graces, would demand nothing less of a man. To water down a much deserved verbal thrashing, leaves such a reproachment devoid of spirit or purpose. The message, as well as the importance of the tirade... are lost. So to all you politicos out there, stop fucking with our language!

Idiots are still idiots, fat people are still fat people. Describing people as "something-challenged" to describe a physical defect, is nothing short of ridiculous. Short people are short and tall people are tall. What the Hell is a foreigner? Someone who is "geographically-challenged"????

And that's totally without getting into the whole: "Don't say Merry Christmas to a Muslim" bullshit. Oh, and news flash... I will never elevate the customs or cultures of another race/nationality/religion to the same level, much less above my own! Savvy??? Why? Because this is not your country... It is my country. I don't give a rat's ass where you came from, how you got here and I certainly don't give a shit how you did things when you were back home! We don't do it like that here and if you want to fit in (the whole end point of immigration...), you'll bloody well do it the same as we do.

A welcome in this country is not an automatic thing. A welcome has to be deserved in order to be worth anything. It has to be earned. I don't care what the government stooges are telling new arrivals here. It's us that you have to work and live with. It's our communities that you're infiltrating. It is by becoming Canadians, not simply living here, that you will earn that welcome. I don't think anyone should change their religion in order to live here, as I believe all religions are not worth the paper they were invented on. By the same token, I would not expect any immigrant, to look down on whatever religion is practised in this country. In this country, you are the infidels, the unbelievers, the godless ones. Suck it up and carry on. In this country, religion and politics do not mix. There is a clear division of church and state. That is why I believe that an immigrant whose religion also constitutes his political views, should never be allowed to run for political office in this land. Much less be elected...

While we're on the topic of 'correctness', if I read one more office memo entreating us to 'avoid wearing fragrances due to the over-sensitivity of your co-workers', I'll probably blow an aorta! I like the smell of fragrances in the office. It's one of those wonderful reminders that I don't work with a bunch of smelly, hairy ol' matelots. Don't get me wrong here... I'm not talkin' about folks that wear perfume or cologne like it came out of a shower head. For those people, they just send the message that they're trying to cover up something really nasty. In the animal world, those who are born with such flaws in their immune systems, that can't cope with their world around them, are either eaten by their mothers or abandoned to starve. Don't think the entire herd of gazelles gets a memo on the fact that: "hey, we're all gonna have to move slow through lion country, because little Tommy has a cleft hoof". Little Tommy is lion fodder. By the same token, I'm not gonna work in an office that smells like ass, because someone cheated nature and survived their birth.

Give me a break!

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