Monday, February 4, 2008

On Canadian Citizenship...

What, pray tell is the purpose of administering a citizenship test, to those who would become Canadians? It should be the proof that they have over time, learned about our political system, their government, municipal, provincial and federal. It means they should have begun their assimilation into our way of life. That they should have become curious and taken the time to learn all these aspects of life here in Canada, by reading, observing, listening, finding out on their own. Left to their own devices, using internet, newspapers, television and other media outlets or their own public library, it is not an endeavor which would take them all that long.

That's what comes to my mind, when I think about a citizenship test. But is that actually what happens here in Canada? Do our recently arrived permanent residents take the time and care to actually learn about this, their new country? Hell, no they don't! Our government has decided to create a fast track towards Canadian citizenship. To make it incredibly easy for these people. All they have to do is phone Service Canada's 1 800 O Canada line and one of the very obliging Information Officers at the other end, will provide all the required answers to the Canadian Citizenship exam, as they are required to do by the mandate of their job.

They will provide them with information on:

-The Governor General,
-The Prime Minister and the Party in power,
-Their provincial Lieutenant Governor,
-All the federal opposition parties and their leaders,
-Their provincial Premier and the Provincial Party in power,
-The provincial opposition party,
-Their MP and their electoral district; and
-A referral to their province for info on their MPP.

So as you can see, there need be no effort put forth by anyone seeking to become a Canadian Citizen. Ask me if I think this is right? Ask me if I think this is fair? Ask me if I think this is an insult to all those who immigrated here in the past and have become true Canadians like you and I?
This is just one more reason why I believe that these documents have been cheapened, devalued, made a mockery of. They are not worth the paper they are written on. We are selling out our country and giving away our birthright, in many cases not even to immigrants, but to invaders... Have you any idea of the percentage of applicants for residency here in Canada, that are not properly screened/checked?
It is this type of foolishness which leads to stories of a Canadian citizen being found guilty of supporting terrorists and not being able to deport same because "he's one of us"!!??!?!? That's another thing... Who the Hell says you can't revoke someone's citizenship!!! Obviously you can't if they're born here, but if they turn out to be a blight on our society? If you entered here fraudulently? If your religion happens to call for the death of real Canadians? If they hold none of our values and/or beliefs as their own? That's right... It's time for you to fucking leave.

A word to the wise... I for one intend to take this up with my MP.

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Anonymous said...

We need to stop letting in immigrants we have enough. At least there are some caps on the amount of worker visas they give out. In previous years immigration was primarily European, then later South and East Asian, who at least had some professional skills, but today all were getting is fraudulent refugee claimants and the uneducated family members of immigrants who came here in the past.