Monday, February 4, 2008

On radical Islam... and the first strike.

There is only one fire that will burn bright enough and hot enough to eradicate, to excoriate the scourge of Islamo-facism from the face of the planet... and that is the fire of a thermo-nuclear conflagration.

With developing events in Iran and the deepening security crisis in Pakistan, it is only a matter of time before long range, nuclear weapons fall into the hands of religious extremists. If the people of these two countries (not their governments, for they have proven to be worthless...) do not step up to eradicate these extremists from their midst and take control of their own destiny, then they become accomplices. They can no longer pretend to wear the mantle of innocence. By providing aid to these extremists, by hiding them, by giving in to their threats, by turning a blind eye to their actions, by refusing to take them on, they become as they are. If it breaks down to a case of "us or them", it's really a no-brainer. Their kind is as a rabid dog. There is no negotiating, no common ground to be reached, no civil discourse to be had. There is but one cure for rabies in dogs. The West must not flich or hesitate, if it comes to a pre-emptive nuclear strike. The survival or North America depends on it.

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