Thursday, March 13, 2008

"I'm calling on behalf of my son..."

Among the many calls we field, we sometimes have the occasion to take a call from someone's mother, who is looking for information on how their son or daughter might gain employment with the federal government. Here's a little tidbit of advice for all you doting mothers out there.

I strongly suspect that there is no federal department or agency, that would even remotely consider employing a person, who has not yet matured enough to search for a job him/herself. I have no problem in believing that a mother calling a federal department in search of a job for her offspring, is the kiss of death for any potential employment opportunity. So... a word to the wise here. Moms, kick your son's/daughter's ass out of bed and point them towards the door. It will be the most constructive action you can take in helping them find a career.

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