Monday, June 23, 2008

A sad day indeed...

I can't begin to say how sad I am today. Somehow I missed the news over the weekend, I suppose... yet this morning I find out that George Carlin passed away on Sunday. He was 71, God love him. Now I don't get all teary and nostalgic, simply because someone who was a 'celebrity' has died. I could care less for the vast majority of those who wear that label. But George Carlin was truly an entertainer. There may be some performances of his which I have not yet heard or seen, through one medium or another, but they would be few and far between. It is only fitting, that the loss of someone who provided us with so much laughter, is always greeted with an added measure of sorrow. So many in our society are lionized and provide us with nothing in return. George Carlin was the exact opposite.

I always enjoyed his humour and wit. He was a very intelligent man, a skilled craftsman when it came to the use of the English language. I know many people liked him because of his abrasive style, the fact that he simply liked to tear down individuals or institutions which had become too big and self-important for their own good (or anyone else's...). Not being either an American or political myself, I found that he had become overly-political in his rants in later years. Then again, as Plato once pointed out: "The punishment which the wise suffer, who refuse to take part in government, is to live under the government of worse men".

I will remember him more for his uncanny sense of observational humour and his one-of-a-kind delivery. For the way he delighted in taking 'taboo' or uncomfortable social topics and dragging them out in the spotlight to analyze, dissect and poke fun at them. I loved him for his total refusal to even consider political correctness. For his masterful use of exageration ("I don't have pet peeves...I have major psychotic fucking hatreds!!!). For his complete and utter disdain of those who would embrace mediocrity, stupidity or hypocrisy. He did more than make me laugh over the years. He made me think as well. I will miss his humour and wisdom very much. Goodbye, George. And thanks for everything!

And so... just as you have taught us, a final cheer for you:

"Rat shit, bat shit, dirty old twat...
69 assholes tie it in a knot.
Hurray... lizard shit!

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