Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What was I thinking...?

In yet another testament to human shortsightedness, a caller from Ottawa advised us that he had recently bought a pleasure craft. Fortuitously (one would think...) it came equipped with a marine VHF radio! Well guess what? Our caller didn't want to have to take the course to learn how to operate the radio, his only means of communication with other boaters and any hope of rescue, should things go bad on the water...

So what does he want to know? "Is it okay if I just remove it?". "Is there any law or rule against that?" Against it?? Oh, no... Only the Law of Natural Selection. As we say, the federal government is not here to legislate common sense. So, sure thing my friend. Feel free to rip it out of there and dispose of it. Sell it on e-Bay, to someone a little more attuned to the natural rhythm of things than you are. It's not like you'll ever need it anyway, right...? I mean... c'mon... what can possibly happen out on the water?

Somehow I have this mental image of this lad in his boat, the side of which is stove in following a collision on the water. He looks on helplessly as his boat sinks from underneath him, his significant other beating him with whatever implement she can find, screaming: "What in the f--k were you thinking!!! Getting rid of our only means of communicating with other people!!!".

But no... such picture perfect endings only happen in the movies, right?

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