Monday, February 23, 2009

Ah yes, it's Seal Season again...

Here is a pretty standard format anti-sealing e-mail, which I received today. Just for the heck of it, I've decided to have a little fun and add my rebuttal to each and every bullshit HSUS statement this person has decided to adopt as being the gospel truth:

"To whom it may concern:

I will I will no longer be visting Canada until a ban is put on the seal hunt for the following reasons:

(That's funny! Not only have you never been here in your life, you never had any intention of visiting here anyway!! If truth were known, you probably couldn't even find us on a map, even though we are the second largest country in the World! Do us a favor, we have enough idiots as it is here in Canada. Stay home and don't add to their numbers...)

The hunt is cruel.

(You say this on because you find seals "cute". It's not cruel for a child to die due to war, disease or starvation, because they're not what you would consider "cute"... I see where you're coming from...)

The seal pups are beaten or shot, both of which cause great pain.

(The pain is yours is no different with a bolt gun used in the beef industry. Pigs have their throats slit and are hung upside down to exsanguinate or bleed out, did you know that?)

Observers report that Canada's animal welfare regulations are not being followed or enforced.

(That is not what qualified observers report. That's what 'activists' report, because to report anything else would be treason towards the big money machine that is the HSUS, right?)

Sealers have been observed skinning many seals while the pups are still alive and conscious.

(Bullshit! There's another favorite horror story propagated by the HSUS faithful...)

The number of seals killed is unsustainable and growing.

(Seal herds in this area of Canada have never been healthier. It is their sheer weight of numbers that guarantee the viability and sustainability of this hunt...)

The Canadian government has provided no scientific evidence that the seal populations of Labrador and Newfoundland can withstand the new quota, which allows hunters to kill nearly a million seals over three years.

(The harp seal is estimated at 5.5 million. The TAC or Total Allowable Catch for 2009 is 275,000 seals. "Nearly a million" is not quite accurate...)

The government does not control the hunt adequately.

(There are Fisheries Officers as well as qualified observers on the ice itself, as well as aerial surveillance and active boat patrols...)

The Canadian Department of Fisheries, which is charged with overseeing the hunt, doesn't punish hunters who kill the seals inhumanely or who exceed the quota. It ignores the abuse of animals and rewards overkilling with higher quotas.

(Horseshit! Sealers who are found breaching the Fisheries Act are fined, their catch forfeited and have their licenses suspended and/or revoked. These items are routinely published on many DFO websites. The quotas are based on herd counts and reproduction rates. They will be amended should the loss of ice in Northern Regions begin affecting herd population statistics...)

The government should not subsidize this barbaric hunt. The subsidies that the government has poured into the seal hunt since 1995, reportedly more than $20 million, is an investment in cruelty.

(This is a favorite line of theirs. The "government" DOES NOT subsidize the seal hunt. They haven't since the 80's. Why? Because the hunt is viable and sustainable... It is capable of sustaining itself...D'Uh!)

The seal hunt is misrepresented to the public.

(The seal hunt IS misrepresented to the public... By the assholes at PETA and the HSUS, to name but a few lying entities who seek only to line their own pockets with the money of the gullible and feeble-minded...)

Claims that the hunt is part of the indigenous cultures of Labrador and Newfoundland are a cloak for this commercial industry. With 11,185 commercial sealing licenses issued in 2001, this cannot be considered a local cultural event. It's commerce, just like any other industry.

(Are these people fucking retarded? No one has ever stated that this is simply 'cultural' or 'traditional'. It is of course a commercial fishery, the same as any other. For the Innus and Eskimos, it is their subsistence we're talking about here. As far as the hunt off Newfoundland, Quebec, PEI and other fronts, it absolutely is commercial. Just like the beef and poultry industries are 'commercial'...)

The Canadian government also misrepresents the threat seals pose to the North Atlantic cod industry.

(The North Atlantic cod industry, as these lamebrains laughingly refer to it, is long gone. It's pretty hard to threaten something which doesn't exist. Whatever remains of the stocks are themselves being depleted by the seal populations, yes. Where do they think these seals eat? Wendy's? Seals also transmit worms to various other fish species, throughout the food chain. To remove any chance these stocks might have of bettering their numbers in the future, would just be foolish...)

Scientific evidence doesn't back up the government's claim that seals are eating too many cod. Even the government's own scientists have pointed to over-fishing as the actual culprit in the crash of the cod industry.

(The government has never pointed to the seals as a means of explaining the collpase of the East Coast fisheries. This is another retarded byline produced by the animal groups. Of course it was overfishing that led to their collapse... Illegal overfishing by fleets of foreign vessels, over many decades...)

There's also reason to believe that killing off seals might even worsen the cod stock's condition.

(That particular theory is also pure bullshit. There is reason for them to believe this, as it suits their zany take on the interaction of all living things. The seal population does nothing for whatever remains of the cod stocks, except consume and spread disease to them...)

Citizens of Canada and other countries should tell the Canadian government to outlaw the seal hunt.

(As far as foreigners are concerned, it's none of their fucking business how Canada manages it's economy, it's assets or it's natural rersources. Canada would be a far lesser country if it bowed to the ill-educated wishes of others...As far as Canadians are concerned, well over half the country understands and supports the need for the seal hunt, a fact that remains irrelevant to the hunt itself).

Instead of subsidizing the cruelty and waste of life, the government must stop it.

(Again, jackass...we don't subsidize it... It stands on it's own...)

Non-Canadian citizens should signal their disapproval of the seal hunt by telling the Canadian Tourism Commission that they won't be visiting Canada until the government bans the hunt.

(Again... you people don't come here anyway. If you did, you just might have a better understanding of what you're talking about...)


*Sigh!* These people just don't know enough to quit...

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