Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A fine Easter weekend...

So yes...Easter has now come and gone and I find myself riding into work today for the second day in a row. I could be tempted to say that riding season is now here, though there is still the odd day with snow in the forecast. So that might be a little premature. Still, I had a luxurious 5-day weekend to share with my Honey, all except for Saturday where she had to work a 7-hour shift.

We had no major plans, other than having 'the kids' over for Sunday brunch. We put in a couple of road trips to NY State (Massena, Ogdensburg and Watertown) on Thursday and Kingston on Monday, while I got to take Baby out for a couple of romps in between. I began my Saturday by thinking of riding down to Kingston. A few hours tooling around in that cold wind however, made me realize that it probably wouldn't be the best plan for a rider who is still convalescing. I settled for a day trip to Merrickville and a fine feed of fish 'n chips at the Goose and Gridiron.

I also brought back a pound and a half of unbelievably tasty fudge, courtesey of their little Country Bumpkins' shop. I couldn't resist picking up a small cushion on which had been embroidered the truism: "You never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist's office". *Sigh!* I love Merrickville...

Still no movement of the tires I ordered from Honda Direct Line in Tennessee and the shiney bits ordered through XtremeRevolution in California, won't ship until the 20th of the month. No matter. There is still plenty to do and the tires on Baby at the moment will serve for a little while longer, though I will avoid taking her out in the wet for the time being. All the same, as I ordered the tires on the 30th of March, they should have at least been shipped by now, unless of course they're on back order. Hmmmm.... Must phone them later on today to investigate this matter.

Our little road trip to Kingston on Monday was wonderful. We managed to find a great matching set of wet weather gear, something we have both been lacking for years now. We bought this with a future trip to Cape Breton in mind. If the universe unfolds as it should, it will never rain again when we are visiting back home in Nova Scotia. Certainly not if we remember to bring our rain gear, at any rate. We topped off our visit by stopping at the Lone Star for supper, where they make the absolute best chicken fajitas I've ever had. As fate would have it, it was "all-you-can-eat Fajita Night". I pretty much had to be rolled outta there... It was great.

The drive back was spent spotting deer along the side of the road. As we headed North along the 416, we avoided an upright vacuum cleaner and other sundry junk which had been thrown onto the centre of the highway. This occurred near an overpass, about 2 klicks South of exit 25. I phoned it in to the OPP and discovered (as I had predicted to my better half...) that nobody had phoned it in before I had. So many people equipped with cell phones, lots of traffic and nobody wants to get involved. Go figure...

The rest of the drive home proved uneventful and we pulled into the driveway at about 2110hrs. All in all, a very restful and long weekend. Something that I had been hankering for, for some time now.

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