Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On the Tamil protestors...

One thing that should be made clear from the onset here, is that when you move to this country from wherever you come from, you owe us one and all, the courtesy and respect of which all civilized people are deserving. You implicitly agree to follow our laws and regulations and to respect OUR culture and beliefs. You don't have to adopt our religion, but your coming here in the first place instead of heading somewhere else, implies that you also share our beliefs.

Whatever hatreds and dysfunctions are a part of your particular culture, WE DO NOT WANT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT THESE HERE IN CANADA. Like those sicko Palestinians in Montreal who attacked Jewish students, simply because of their religion. Thousands of Canadians went overseas during the Second World War and gave their lives, fighting this very disease. And now we would allow such scum to freely immigrate here? I don't fucking think so... Just as in the fields of Europe and the streets of Berlin, these individuals ought to be shot on sight.

The Tamil Tigers of Elam have been branded as a terrorist group. Not just by the US, but by the UN and Canada as well. Period! That's it... There is no debating the point. For those who may live in either Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver and who actively support this outlaw group: Fuck you! If you want to continue your personal war, that's fine... so long as you conduct it on Sri Lankan soil. Take your bullshit out of MY country!

These morons pulled the same stunt here in Ottawa, causing a snarl of traffic in front of Parliament Hill. I simply avoided the area but there were many other less fortunate who had to go through there on their way to or from work or home. It simply cannot stand. It's well beyond the point of acceptability. And the less the authorities do to contain or curtail these activities, the greater the eventuality that the masses will have no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

For those of you who think that the government of a free and democratic nation such as Canada would come to the rescue of such a terrorist group: What are you using to think with? How stupid are you? And for you to take to the streets and misuse the freedoms which have been granted to you in this country, to thumb your nose at our forms of legal demonstration and flaunt your lawlessness? You have some kind of nerve! Then again, perhaps such happenings are indeed a good thing. Maybe the indignation and anger of decent, law-abiding Canadians will make it's way to their elected representatives and finally force us to re-examine our immigration policies yet again...

There are some residents of Toronto who are all for these displays of contempt for Canadian law and order. They mistakenly believe that championing the cause of a recognized terrorist group on Canadian soil and our rights to free speech and peaceful demonstration, are one and the same. They also believe that anyone is permitted any excess in order to get their point across, like swarming the Gardiner Expressway during rush hour. They are far too ready turn this country over to anyone who would threaten them. They are cowards of the worst kind.

Then too, if you had been born here and tried such a foolhardy move as swarming the Gardiner Expressway, you would end up in jail so fast you'd have windburn. The law enforcement officials by the inaction, basically provided tacit approval of the demonstration. Some may argue that the police's responsibility was to prevent violence. Bullshit! The police are there to enforce the law. That would include halting/breaking up any illegal demonstration, to say nothing of keeping vital traffic arteries open and flowing. They gave up. They retreated in the face of the mob. The mob won. And had the mob wanted to do anything else, emboldened as they no doubt were by the police's cowering, the Toronto Metropolitain Poilice force could have done nothing to stop them.

It would be the Army called in to clear the snow all over again. Christ on a stick!! Is there nothing that Toronto is actually capable of doing for itself? Seriously???

This is just another case of the tail wagging the dog, very much the same as our dealings with the ever-present 'threat' of Quebec separation. Well here's something to chew on... You can go right ahead and call me a racist and/or a bigot. That seems to be the trendy nickname these days for anyone who shows some kind of proof that they still have a backbone and a voice. Those of us who are not afraid to use these to make known their discontent at being treated like third-class citizens in their own fucking country!

Well guess what? Here's a news flash for you lot... My (our) rights and freedoms come first. If that means a call to arms right here on our own soil, then so be it. Maybe it's time for us as Canadians to re-earn what our ancestors gave their lives for. We don't have to travel as far as Afghanistan to find the enemies of our country. It is certainly time for a change in style of government, where we can find leaders (not politicians) willing to protect our rights and freedoms, our culture...our country. This would be far preferable to having our own culture ridiculed and minimized, in favour of those of recently arrived foreigners. I for one am bloody sick of it...

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