Thursday, May 21, 2009

On 'star' worshipping...

Okay, here it is... I may be in the minority here from what I understand, but I for one have had enough of voyeuristic media coverage, of pseudo-celebrities who are in full blown self-destruct mode. You know what I mean. Less than flattering photos of losers like Brittney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan and a host of others.

I am not one who is star-struck with any of Hollywood's inhabitants. Or New York's, or anywhere else where people of limited abilities are lauded as uber-humans, that we should all kneel in front of and adore. Informing me that a certain individual is a five-time Grammy Award-winning individual, does not alter the fact that they are first and foremost a fucking train wreck as far as being a human being goes. There is nothing enviable, or laudable, or even noteworthy about such a person. They are simply another statistic waiting to happen. Nothing more. News and updates on their continuing downwards spiral, are of no interest to any semi-intelligent or well-adjusted human being.

It's not a tragedy, it's natural selection.

So enough of the cheap cooze shots of drunken bimbos disembarking from their cabs and limos. We don't care who got into a bun fight, or spent overnight in a jail cell, just because they don't know when to say when. For one thing, this isn't 'News'. For another thing, this is not decent. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there is an avid market for those who peddle this type of garbage journalism. I'm sure there are throngs of absolutely miserable, no-life individuals out there, bitter at not having been born into fame or fortune, who love nothing more than to see those who do live such a lifestyle, stumble and fall in the gutter. They are no doubt in the millions.

So basically, the audience that lives on such tales of misfortune and misery of the rich and famous, is made up of those who are even sicker, less endowed and more depraved than these so-called stars.

And I gotta tell ya... I am not fixin' to fit into any one of those groups.

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