Friday, September 18, 2009

A great end to the week...

Yesterday as I rode home along the Parkway, following a line of cars, there occured a noteworthy event. Just as I was rolling through the carousel turn at the end of Deer Alley, there standing in the ditch to my right-hand side, was a big, beautiful doe! This is the first deer I have seen on the Parkway, since before they started their 'pavement rehabilitation project'. Hopefully they are in the process of making their return to these parts, as I do so enjoy seeing them as I ride through.

This morning I peered out the window of our computer room, at zero zero dark. It was literally pissing down rain. In fact, it had been the sound of the rain which had drawn my attention outside in the first place. "Great!!", I muttered to no one. "Don't tell me I'm gonna have to bus into work on a Friday...". The thought of bussing in was bad enough, but it was the prospect of hanging around, waiting for a bus after quitting time and then suffering through the bus ride home, that really got my goat. Notably when I had this feeling it would probably not be raining at the time and that would make me want to kick myself even harder, for not having taken Baby in.

I debated what plan of action to follow. Screw it, I thought. I've ridden through deluges before and came out just fine. What's the worst that can happen? I get a little damp? I decided I'd ride in after all. When it came time to leave, I threw open the garage door and was greeted by... no rain. It had stopped raining. The streets were wet, but there was no precipitation. "Well this was obviously a good call", I thought to myself. I threw on my rain gear, backed Baby out and secured the door. We were off...

Traffic was relatively light along Innes and moved along well. Before long, I was waiting for the light at the bottom of Jeanne D'Arc and St.Joseph. The trip in along the Parkway was wonderful. I was kept toasty and dry by the Joe Rocket jacket and pants, and had even zipped on the weather panel for my lid, which took care of my ears and neck. My well-worn Alpinestar all-weather boots kept my feet dry and warm as well.

Truth be know, I could have rode all day. It was comfortable and Baby was purring along like a bandit. Sure enough, she looked a sight after we arrived at work, but I have plans to take her out in the driveway and give her a good wash and wax after we get home from work this afternoon. She has certainly earned it and I want her to look her best for this weekend's outings.

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