Thursday, September 17, 2009

You can run, you rat-bastards...

It was with great personal satisfaction that I read about a US Special Ops strike against Al Qaeda targets in Somalia. I had surmised as much when the first obscure reports emerged 3 days ago, referring to an air attack of 'unknown origin'. The following article is right off the CNN website:

U.S. may have killed al Qaeda target in Somalia, officials say
September 14, 2009 -- Updated 1525 GMT (2325 HKT)

U.S. special operations forces raid in Somalia on Monday may have killed a wanted al Qaeda terrorist, U.S. officials said.

The U.S. unit used a helicopter to fire on a car in southern Somalia, killing several people, including one the U.S. military believes was Saleh ali Saleh Nabhan, a senior al Qaeda operative. Nabhan has been tied to several attacks in East Africa, including the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, according to the sources.

He also was wanted by the FBI for questioning in connection with the 2002 suicide bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel and the unsuccessful attack on an Israeli charter jet in Mombasa, Kenya.

The officials who talked to CNN are familiar with the latest information on this incident but did not want to be identified because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

The helicopter flew from a U.S. Navy warship offshore, one of the sources said. The ship kept watch on the operation and was ready to rescue the U.S. troops if they got into trouble.

The official said the troops landed to take away the body believed to be that of Nabhan for positive identification.

The United States had intelligence that he was in the area, and was monitoring the situation for several days, the sources said.

President Obama signed off on the operation, a senior U.S. official told CNN's Ed Henry.

Farmers in the southeastern town of Barawe, Somalia, who said they witnessed the assault, said a number of helicopters attacked a car and its occupants and that at least two people died. They said some helicopters landed and that some of the injured or dead were pulled into at least one helicopter.

Farahan Ali Mohamoud, minister of disarmament for Somalia's transitional federal government, confirmed to CNN that there was an attack in Barawe.


This story comes hot on the heels of other success stories from Pakistan and Afghanistan, where other senior Taliban and Al Qaeda members have been brought to ground, captured and/or killed outright.

Pakistanis themselves, displaced by the recent heavy fighting in the Swat area, have now returned home and are not about to be moved again. 1.6 million of them, by Pakistani and UN counts. They themselves have formed militia squads and have taken to eliminating the local Taliban, wherever they are found. Bodies of dead Taliban are found on the roadside daily. It has become a routine. Better them than the locals...

So yes, the worm has turned. For those who still champion the cause of religious extremism, it is high time you understood one thing: YOU CAN RUN, YOU LOW-LIFE, RAT-BASTARD SONOVABITCHES... BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!!!!

It may take some time, yes. But you will be found and you will be terminated with extreme prejudice. It doesn't matter if you run to Egypt, to Pakistan, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Iran, to Kurdistan, to Khazakstan, to Lebanon, to Yemen, to Syria, or to any one of the lesser countries on the African continent. There is no safe haven for you cockroaches... And that is how it should be. Retribution should know no borders.


Well, unless they moved here to good ol' North America.

Here? Why we'd give them rights and protect them. They would be perfectly safe. We'd make it a crime to persecute them regardless of their crimes (Arar) because our misguided, fucked up and brainless interpretation of religious freedom, includes such heinous practices as honour killings, female genital mutilation, female subservience, indiscriminate killing of 'non-believers', denial of education, incestual rape and Christ knows what else.

We will go so far as to forbid North American religion in our schools, but build a prayer room in the school, for Muslim students. (Qu├ębec). We will alter our description of North American religious holidays (don't say: "Merry Christmas"...), but adopt as sacrosanct the Koran and the name of their fictional deity: Allah.

Can any of you say: "Tail wags the dog" here...??? Oh wait... my bad. We've already gone through that scenario, with one province holding the entire country hostage. Yeah... that's why we deserve whatever particular brand of Hell history has in store for us.

This country used to be great at one time. In an era that most people would scarcely remember. We showed so much promise. Then the vast majority of our male population grew vaginas. How the Hell did that ever happen? Was it something in the water supply? Have we poisoned and contaminated ourselves to the point where we have trumped evolution itself, and are now spiralling ever-downwards towards our own self-annihilation? Thank God we weren't such pussies during the Second World War, or today we'd all be goose-stepping and singing "Deutschland Uber Alles".

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