Friday, May 21, 2010

The value of a child's life...BC style.

Here, with a minmum of fanfare I promise... is this week's: "E-mail of the Week".

Please note the time, trouble and care the author takes, to inform me of just how skilled and experienced he is, as far as things nautical go. Got it...?? Now read the question he poses.

Yup... for all his so-called experience and wisdom, this lad is as dumb as a bag of friggin' sticks.


"I am a recreational boater with a 30 foot sailboat located in ******,B.C. I am very experienced, having completed several offshore voyages including a Trans Atlantic crossing from Montreal in a 39 footer and the Victoria - Maui Yacht Race. Currently , I confine my boating to the San Juan and Gulf Island. I have a question regarding boating safety. I have a Grandaughter of 3 month old. I have been unable to find suitable regulated flotation for any crew member under the wieght of 20 pounds.

(Newsflash! A 3-month-old anything is not considered part of your crew, in ANY country! If anything, she might be considered as ballast... - Crypt.)

What options are available to me and am I in contravention of the law if the infant of less than 20 pounds is on my vessel without a life jacket? What are US Regulations?

(US regulations...??? Who gives a crap about them, you're in Canada! The USCG deals with your type of boater all the time. They'll just assume that you consider your granddaughter easily replaceable. - Crypt.)

I am told by marine retailers that this equipment does not exist and it is assumed that the parent would be able to hold the child in the water in the event of a serious emergency.

(The marine retailers are absolutely correct... And as a word to the wise here, not everyone I know can tread water for an undetermined number of days AND hold a 3-month old child in their arms simultaneously... - Crypt.)

This does not seem appropriate.

(REALLY, Einstein...??? - Crypt.)

I would appreciate your comments on this matter.

(No... No, you really DON'T want to hear my comments on this one... - Crypt.)

I do hold a Pleasure Craft Operators Certificate (#***********) Thank You."

(And that course unfortunately doesn't teach simple common sense... - Crypt.)

Okay... So what did we answer...? (Keeping it all PC and everything of course, because you can never say what's actually on your mind...).

"Thank you for your email dated 21 May 2010, requesting information on life jackets for children.

Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety provides information on the personal protection equipment, such as PFDs and life jackets, required aboard pleasure craft.

The following persons are exempt from wearing a PFD of appropriate size:
- infants who weigh less than 9 kg (20 lb.)

(Transport Canada recommends that small infants not be brought on board since there are no PFDs that fit them. If an infant weighing less than 9 kg is brought on board, a PFD of the smallest available size must be readily available on board. A parent wearing a PFD should hold the child in his/her arms.)

Information on the Safety Equipment Requirements is available through the Small Vessel Regulations, at the following URL:

Please contact the Office of Boating Safety for additional information.

Tel: 1 800-267-6687 8am-5pm Eastern time

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require additional information.


Us. "

What amazes me in all of this, is that the parents, assuming this child actually has some, are totally missing from this equation. Are they really onboard with putting their infant in this type of potentially perilous situation?

Are there no friggin' adults left anywhere...???


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