Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why I don't "Contribute to a Cure"...

We're again at that time of year when the canvassers for the almighty Cancer Machine beat the bushes for yet more money to mis-spend. I found that this year I could not watch the three-ring circus cavort around me, without making some sort of observation.

I recently sent an e-mail around where I am fortunate enough to work. It was only sent to a designated few, people I actually care about. In it, I tried to explain why I did not and would not, participate in this traditional bout of breast-beating:

To you, my friends here at work...

Every year we are bombarded by television, radio, print and other media campaigns regarding "supporting research to find a cure for cancer".

There are walks, runs, telethons, auctions, lotteries, mountain climbing expeditions, cross-country epics, the list is inexhaustible.

We are just about told point-blank that we should feel guilty if we don't contribute to this billion-dollar annual fleecing of the public's pockets.

I have never been one to support this particular campaign, and here's one of the main reasons why:
I have never been one to do anything, simply because every one else was doing it. In this I remain steadfastly stubborn. Pig-headed, if you will. And proudly so. The only flag you'll find me flying is my own.

We almost all know someone, a relative, a close friend perhaps, or a workmate, who has been ravaged if not killed outright, by some form of cancer.

Surely, not to give something must amount to an affront to their memory, no...? An act perhaps almost treasonous in nature...?

Well... No! It does not. It simply means that contrary to the vast majority who go out of their way every year to ensure that the various self-serving cancer societies are extremely well-funded, you perhaps have taken the time and interest to do a little fact finding of your own...

Maybe you, like an ever-growing number of people, have discovered some very, very unsettling and unsavory facts about all this "cancer research" hoopla...

For one, after squandering literally untold billions on "cancer research and prevention", todays survival rates are virtually unchanged from what they were 80 years ago.

Not only that but for all the research, 'education', etc... there has been no reduction whatsoever in occurences of cancer worldwide. The numbers have done nothing but soar exponentially.

Yet every year, the various cancer research foundations keep dangling the same carrot in front of you, that we're: "so much closer than ever before to finding the cure".

I cannot begin to tell you what an unmitigated load of tripe and bullshit this is.

Words fail me in trying to describe the enormity of the lie which has been foisted on the North American public for lo these many decades.

"So what is the cancer industry worth? A study funded by the Lance Armstrong Foundation, estimated that the global cancer industry is worth $305 billion in 2009, with an estimated 12.9 million new cases of cancer. That’s equivalent to all the exports of Russia in 2009. It is estimated that the industry could be worth $638 billion by 2030." - Exerpt from: "The Cancer Industry is a Money Printing Machine. Do You Trust It?"

"Finding a cure", would essentially entail wiping this industry off the map. Are any of you infantile enough in your innocence, that you would believe they are actually searching for a cure to end their own livelihoods...?

The money raised is going into diagnostics and treatment, because that my friends, is where the money is at. There is no money to be made in curing cancer... and the mighty Cancer Machine is all about the making of the money.

This is of course without even beginning to delve into the horrors of "commonly accepted methods of treatment", chemotherapy and such, which more closely resemble medieval methods of torture than any sound medical practice.

Even qualified physicians damn the practice of chemotherapy:
But hey, don't take it from me. Please... I might be just one crazy person who has his own agenda. And frankly, as my opinions on many things tend to be very rigidly "black or white/right or wrong", I wouldn't believe me either. So please, feel free to explore any of the links that I have listed below. There are literally thousands of others out there, that the Cancer Machine and Big Pharma, cannot block, or stifle, or buy off...

There are alternate, more efficient, less destructive and far less expensive methods of treatment for those who have cancer. Holistic medicine has long been reviled by those who stand to lose their "golden goose". And as far as prevention goes, you will scarecely get the truth from anyone in government or the cancer industry, as again to provide that information, would be at odds with their own financial well-being.

- This NY Times article defines: "Feeding the Cancer Machine":

- Exposing the Cancer Conspiracy:

- Dr. Burzynski Battles the Cancer Industry:

- Cancer Industry Spreads Fear and Disinformation:

- The Cancer Industry: The Classic Expose on the Cancer Establishment, New Updated [1996] Edition:

- Killer cancer treatment: How toxic chemotherapy kills both cancer cells and cancer patients:

- Chemotherapy Kills More People Than It "Cures":

- For more news on the Cancer Industry:

To find out what causes most types of cancer that we as North Americans suffer from (60% is from our diet alone...), check out the website below:

To find out more than perhaps you want to know, check out the following:

So... if you have received this, it's only because I consider you to be a friend of mine. Maybe I would like to see you stick around this earth for a bit longer. What you decide to do with this information, is totally up to you. You know I'm not really a tree hugger, nor am I one of these "Left-Coast neo-hippies" who advertises himself as being a 'vegan'. I still love my "dead cow" as much as the next man. If it has made you think, good for you. I know it has certainly made me think. If it has made you question, so much the better. If it has made you curious to discover more, that's about the best there could be.

For another eye-opener, might I suggest that on a slow weeknight, you rent the movie: "Food Inc."
The link belwo will provide you with some insight on this little gem:,_Inc.

If you decide to delete this on the spot, I will not know and even if you were to tell me you did so, I would not feel hurt or slighted. We're all big kids here and well capable of making our own decisions. I would just like to know that you have more than 'the facts' that the local media outlets trumpet in your ears.

Like I said, I'm just delivering the info. It's what we do here, isn't it...?

Sincere regards,

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