Thursday, June 23, 2011

An update on stuff...

So it's now been 10 months and 29 days since my accident. I am now mobile enough to walk and have embarked on a physical fitness routine which might guarantee my mobility, if I'm smart enough to stick with it in the future. There's a very good incentive.

I never knew it would be so hard to find a new abode, or that so many obstacles would arise for those properties that we actually wanted to buy. It seems like 'Groundhog Day' everyday. Still, I maintain some degree of faith that all of this will sort itself out eventually. I'm not going to get into moaning and dripping about how long we've been at this, as it serves no actual purpose and let's face it... it's boring as Hell.

I will however go so far as to say that 'it got old' a long time ago. My prospects are looking good for returning to work, albeit on a temp basis at first. It's still progress and I welcome it. I've been away from my peeps for way too long now. I think the sense of productivity that this would provide, would only be a good thing.

I have found out recently that my current physical limitations, will in fact be of a permanent nature. This came as somewhat of a blow, as I had been harboring the hope that I would someday be free of pain and more viable than I am now. I will manage to come to terms with this in time, if for no other reason than I have no choice in the matter. We as humans are far more resilient than we give ourselves credit for.

Okay... whining session over. Now to get back to a good old rant.

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