Thursday, August 2, 2012

Silly, silly people...

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Did you ever read a news headline that just made you smile? I mean, when there is no need to even read any further into the article to understand exactly what happened and why? I was perusing an online website in the USA, when I happened on this most entertaining story.

Apparently some yobbo from the Great State of Texas was texting while driving and he drove right off a friggin’ cliff.

Now, I suppose there might have been a time in my life where I would have been tempted to shake my head in either bewilderment or exasperation upon reading such things, but I have long since reconciled myself to the fact that we are all subject to the Law of Natural Selection, whether we decide to admit it or not.

So nowadays instead of being distraught or even feeling the slightest hint of sympathy or empathy for these mental midgets, I just smile, secure in the knowledge that Mother Nature is hard at work, trying to make this planet a little safer for the rest of us.

Here’s the link for this news item if you feel so inclined to check it out:



The text reads as below:

Man texts, "I need to quit texting," before driving off cliff

Posted: Aug 02, 2012 8:09 AM EDT Updated: Aug 02, 2012 8:28 AM EDT

By Tricia Forbes - bio

Updated: Thursday, August 2 2012 8:28 AM EDT2012-08-02 12:28:22 GMT


A college student from Texas believes he is lucky to be alive after a terrible crash. He was texting and driving when his truck flew off of a cliff.

Chance Bothe's truck plunged off of a bridge and into a ravine. One of the last things he typed indicated what almost happened to him.

He wrote, "I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident."

After the crash, Chance had a broken neck, a crushed face, a fractured skull, and traumatic brain injuries. Doctors had to bring him back to life three times . Now, 6 months later, he's finally able to talk about what happened.

"They just need to understand, don't do it. Don't do it. It's not worth losing your life," he said. "I went to my grandmother's funeral not long ago, and I kept thinking, it kept jumping into my head, I'm surprised that's not me up in that casket. I came very close to that, to being gone forever."

Chance's father said, if he had a child just learning to drive, he would disable texting and Internet on their phone.

As of August 1st, drivers in Alabama will face a $25 fine the first time they are caught texting behind the wheel.

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