Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On Omar Khadr...

I've been reading of late the pundits' take on the Khadr affrair. Here is a young lad who was captured by American Special Forces troops on July 27th, 2002, during an action which took place in Khost, Afghanistan. During the action, he was found responsible for the death of a U.S. Special Forces Medic (28-year old Sergeant 1st. Class Christopher Speer). I've taken the liberty of including a link to the funeral services of Sgt. Speer, who is not simply another faceless, nameless statistic. He was a selfless, dedicated soldier, husband and father of two. None of the information below has ever been carried by a Canadian newspaper. That would slant the story in favor of the victim in this case, and we can't have that, now can we!! They never even had the decency to mention his name when describing the events that happened that day.

I note with high amusement the various articles appearing in Toronto newspapers (naturally), which roundly condemn American detention policies in Guantanamo Bay and whine that a 'Canadian' youth is languishing illegally in an American military jail. What absolute tripe and bullshit!!

For one, no goddamn 'Canadian' winds up in Afghanistan, fighting on the side of the fucking Taliban! If you have the balls, the unmitigated gall to do something so perverse and stupid, considering the rights and priviledges that have been extended to you here in Canada, then you richly deserve every bit of hurt that is coming your way. We disown you! You have forfeited any claim to citizenship that might have been granted to you!! Anyone who aligns themself with either Al Qaeda or the Taliban, has no place whatsoever in Western society. They have in fact given up their rights. You cannot and will not use this country as a base of operations for such heinous acts.

This lad wasn't there on some errant high school field trip! He wasn't simply busted for panhandling or public nuisance!! I just love how the media has tried to minimize his role in all of this. How they've tried to make him appear as a victim... He was there to kill Westerners!! He used a goddamn grenade against attacking forces. To offer up a very personal opinion, he should never have made it off the battlefield. None of them should have. You don't win a war by taking prisoners. Why do you think the bullshit "war on drugs" is still going on, after all these decades?

The press is all too eager to make it appear as though this lad was kidnapped from the bosom of a loving family, by the evil forces of the Taliban, who then forced him, against his will, to partake in hostilities against the Christian West. The truth, should it be known, is a little less appealing.
This young man was recruited by none other than his own family, who also share this brand of sickness. They sent him off to slaughter, in order to satisfy this religious insanity of theirs. The same family whose remnants still reside in my country, I might add. With the same sick, twisted view of the world. Here amongst us... posing as 'Canadians', spitting on my country's flag and honour. How galling is that?

To state, or even suggest that a hostile combattant who was apprehended fighting in a foreign country, should be released by his rightful detaining authority, simply because his parents duped the Canadian immigration screening system, is nothing short of fantastic.
It is spectacularly ignorant and imbecillic. He is NOT a Canadian!! He is NOT one of us!! None of his family are!! The fact that the remainder of his family can still claim refuge here, after spitting on our culture and our values, is simply a testament that our days as a rational and free civilization are numbered.

"Well... they released all the Australians at the request of the Australian government...". Really?? And were any of them found responsible for any coalition deaths? I'll wager not. Had they been found guilty of coalition deaths, you can bet your ass that they would still be cooling their heels in Guantanamo... and rightly so!

In time, he should be offered a chance at rehabilitation, yes... But I say enough! ENOUGH, GODDAMNIT!!! Enough of treating the perpetrators of crimes as goddamn victims!! What the Hell is wrong with the bloody media?? Democracy and sanity have rarely had a worse enemy, while those who would slit our throat have never had a better ally. Let's minimize the actions of the evil, let's shift the responsibility onto people who don't have a goddamn thing to do with any of this... How stupid and self-serving can you be...

Shakespeare's character King Henry the VI is quoted as saying: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers..." (King Henry the VI, Act IV, Scene II). That may have been only because at the time the play was written, there were no media of any note.

If you want to know who is ultimately responsible for all of this, look no further than Omar Khadr's own family. To this diseased culture of theirs which would spread such venom throughout the world and ultimately (wait for it, it's coming...), unleash the forces of a third World conflict.

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