Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve...

It's going on for 1830hrs and I'm sitting here, not so much doing a countdown until I can leave here and enjoy the traditional Christmas festivities, but just waiting until I can emerge into the outdoors once more. It's still fairly mild out there (+2 degrees C), or at least it was when I skipped over to the "Heart Attack Shack" (the Sausage Kitchen here in The Market...), for a quick bite to eat at 1545hrs. They were closing up when I entered, but they did make me a wonderful smoked turkey sandwich, piled high with turkey and swiss cheese on a nice fresh bun.

It's raining lightly and they are calling for a good chance of freezing rain in the later evening hours, as the temperature is expected to dip. A new cold front is being pushed our way by a Colorado low system, which is also expected to bring some wind gusts with it (60kmh/max). We'll be meandering back by the Rockcliffe Parkway, 50 to 60 klicks... takin' 'er easy. Mind you, Timothy's closed at 1500hrs today, so we won't be able to share a nice, hot cup of chai latté on the way home, as has become our habit these OC Transpo-less days... But that's alright... We have a good-sized container of their special mix at home. We'll just brew some up after our lobster supper.

We don't have a tree up yet and for all I care right now, it's not an emergency. There may be one sitting there, waiting to be decorated when I get in, but if not... it's all the same to me. The smell of a tree is very evocative of Christmas to me, but it's not deemed absolutely essential. The food? The stockings? Yeah, pretty much necessary. Somehow the thought of not having to test and thread many strings of lights (with never a replacement bulb in sight and all the stores closed...), provides a wonderfully stress-free atmosphere in which to begin enjoying these Yuletide Holidays.

Dontcha think???

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