Thursday, June 25, 2009

A treat for the weekend...

Sometimes the Gods of Fate conspire in ways that end up actually being beneficial to us. Take this coming weekend for example. My better half is required to work on Saturday. Saturday is the only day this weekend which has been declared safe from any type of precipitation, by our local Weather Witches. Saturday is also Day 2 of the 3rd Annual Thousand Islands River Run (T.I.R.R.), to be held in Alexandria Bay, NY.

So... here is the plan of attack. Baby and I will leave Orleans bright and early on Saturday morning (early departure, early return...), bound for the 1,000 Islands. I am pre-registered for the event and simply have to bring my official receipt to the registration booth on James Street, to receive my run t-shirt, patch and pin. Ostensibly we will be back before my Honey returns from her appointed shift at work, therefore allowing us to spend the entire period of her time off together. Yay!

Sunday, we will both return to Alex Bay, this time in the van. She will then pick up her run t-shirt and we'll schmooze with the locals for a bit, weather depending, before heading out to Massena for a trip to the Malls (St. Lawrence Centre).

This way, everyone is happy. Baby gets to romp along the seaway, I get my knees in the breeze and both my Honey and I will get in a little shopping and strolling through this beautiful area, before enjoting the drive along Rte. 12, then Rte. 34. Yes, this promises to be quite the treat for the weekend, regardless of what the weather decides to do. We always carry our bright yellow rubberized wet weather gear, so we're ready for any eventuality. Bring it on!!

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