Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not always Right... (as in the Customer Is...)

Humour is not only essential in life, it can often define or dictate the quality of our very existence here. Show me a person with a decent sense of humour and I will show you a person who has many good friends and acquaintances. I will show you a person that others gravitate to and enjoy being around. It just makes for a more enjoyable life on Earth.

Having said that, when I find a good source of humour (or at least one that tickles my funny bone...), I am all too ready to share it with other like-minded souls. What the Hell is the good of humour, if it is not spread around?

A website has come to my attention recently. I had visited it in the past at some point, but had since totally forgot about it. It contains classic examples of human hilarity, very much like the situations that we deal with on a daily business. Below you will find the URL, which I heartily recommend for some fun, lighthearted reading! :)

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