Friday, February 15, 2013

WTF is wrong with Americans...???

So I’m reading this article on the CNN website this morning, which describes how 2 fifth grade male students from Washington State were thwarted in their plans to kill 7 of their fellow students. Quote: (CNN) -- Two fifth-grade boys armed with a stolen semi-automatic gun, ammunition clip and knife plotted to kill a classmate in Washington state but were thwarted when another student informed a school employee, authorities said Thursday.

The two boys, who told police they considered the girl rude and annoying, won't be tried as adults and will be in court next Wednesday for a capacity hearing, said Tim Rasmussen, the Stevens County prosecuting attorney.

The two boys, ages 10 and 11, told authorities that they were also going to kill, or "get," six more students at Fort Colville Elementary School in Colville, Washington, and even identified them from a class list provided by school employees, according to court documents.

The boys' plan called for the older to stab the girl off-campus with a 3.25-inch knife last week, and the younger boy would scare off any responders with a .45-caliber Remington 1911 semi-automatic handgun, court documents said. – End quote.

The Colt Model 1911 in question had been stolen from one of the lads’ grandfather’s home, after the young fella found the key to the gun cabinet. You can find the entire article at the following URL:

Now had they actually succeeded in carrying out their plan, this would have become yet one more instance of absolutely retarded ‘gun violence’ in the States. This would have been followed by a large hue and cry to ban guns in the State of Washington. Again, there would have been this knee-jerk reaction of focusing on the means of committing such a crime, rather than the actual reason of it all. Pray tell what goes through a young boy’s mind when he decides very matter-of-factly that he is going to kill a young girl, because he finds her annoying…??? And what does it say of this same society where he can readily find another young boy to eagerly follow such a scheme? Like I said in a previous post of mine, the endemic problem here in the USA or any other country is not the fact that people own handguns, or long rifles or even ‘assault weapons’… It is this rampant sense of entitlement to take another person’s life for the most trivial of excuses.

Bullying has been a factor of life for every single generation within memory. It is a common factor not only in a child’s early development, but it is a behavior exhibited by some people throughout their lives. It is, one could say, a natural part of our interactions as humans. It happens. Back in the day, we taught our kids to stand up to bullies, to learn to defend themselves. If there is one thing bullies fear and which inevitably will cure them of their ways, it’s for their victim(s) to grow a pair and slap the piss outta them. We have bred that out of our children over the past few decades. ‘Violence is wrong’, we tried to teach them. ‘You have to be the bigger person’, we tell them. ‘Turn the other cheek’, as the church crowd would say… All these platitudes don’t do a thing for a child who is being bullied. As we have seen, some kids are so woefully unprepared to deal with life, that they end up taking their own lives. Children have to be taught that there is in fact a proper time and place for aggression. Not only that, but they have to be schooled in its application. To not teach them this is not only disingenuous, but you are serving them up to those who would take advantage of their naivety and ineptitude.

Conversely, there has been this mass media campaign about and against bullying. The media have succeeded in dramatizing what is a basic rite of passage for human beings around the world. It is being treated as though it is a completely new social phenomena and it’s victims are being held up as modern-day martyrs. I suppose the misguided intent here is to ‘shame’ bullies into changing their behavior. This will never have the desired effect. Knowing that an intended victim can and will fight back, is the only deterrent a bully will ever comprehend. So our ‘victims’ are now caught in the glare of the media spotlight. The main thrust of all this supposedly has been to ‘empower’ them. Well, when you have not been taught to defend yourself physically or by the use of any other means, you quickly run out of options. Nobody else is going to step in for them (grown-ups can’t/won’t interfere, whether they be parents or teachers) so you have a choice of either two extremes. Kill yourself or kill the other person. And who says inept parenting is a victimless crime…

Still, this does not account for these two young lads. They were not being bullied, they were simply ‘annoyed’. Perhaps based of the media’s interpretation, they concluded they were being bullied and were therefore entitled to take whatever measures they deemed necessary to remedy their situation? It literally boggles the mind. That anyone could so cavalierly decide that young fellow grade school students should die, over some perceived ‘injustice’. Clearly these two show classic signs of sociopathic behavior. Similar if not identical to all those other individuals who have been involved in the latest string of senseless shooting sprees. Yet why is this phenomena seemingly so wide-spread?

Is it something in the air? In the water? Is it something ingested in the food they eat? Is there some external cause which contributes to such a psychological aberration? What the fuck IS going on with Americans…? Why has no one of any importance in that country finally seized on the fact that gun violence in the USA has fuck-all to do with the guns themselves, but rather the mindless ease with which individuals choose to use them against others? And for the most inane of reasons…

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