Friday, March 15, 2013

On being 'drug' free...

So for the last week and a bit now, I have been totally off any type of medication. Drug free, some might say. Since having been weaned off the heavy pain killing medications following the accident of July 2010, I have regularly, without fail, taken two 500mg acetaminophen tablets, one 500mg ibuprofen tablet and one 400mg glucosamine & condroitin tablet, three times a day. 

Though 'extra strength', these are still very much the lightweights of any pain killing medication sold over the counter. They have nonetheless served so far to attenuate my litany of aches and pains, which are now a part of my everyday life. 

I have been developing a concern of late, about what harm such constant usage of these medications might be doing to my liver and other organs. So as an experiment, I have decided to simply stop taking them.

Has there been any noticeable difference? To be honest, yes there has. My levels of discomfort have been elevated of late, when actively involved doing anything like walking, chores around the house, even sleeping. But even so, it's not like I am totally incapacitated by the pain. I can generally manage to push through. I am interested in seeing how far I can go with this and if I will eventually reach a point where the pain will lessen or at least be felt less intensely.

I will monitor my body's response to this new regimen and report back here periodically. We'll see how it all goes.

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