Thursday, March 14, 2013

On the death of Paul Rose...

So Paul Rose died today at the age of 69. No photos of this waste-of-skin will appear on this blog.

As a Canadian veteran, it pleases me to announce that another of my country's enemies is no more. When he was pardonned for his part in the October Crisis by the Quebec government in 1982, it came really as no surprise. What with Quebec being such a lawless state and a festering breeding ground for all types anarchist and of late, Islamist plots and intrigue. He should have expired at the point of a bayonet the moment he left prison.

Well... better late than never. As he quipped about the death of Quebec minister Pierre Laporte: "We did this because we believed in an advancement of society".

I might allow myself to say the same about his own much belated demise.

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