Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If you think I exaggerate...

Some time back, I posted a short rant on 'higher education'. In it, I made what some thought was the cavalier observation, that many of our young folk either in university or having graduated from one, were still basically illiterate in the English language. Inferring of course that they still didn't know how to spell or structure a basic sentence.


True, some forms of observational humour are based simply on exaggeration. But in this particular case, I was not attempting to be funny. I was genuinely aghast that we were/are turning out 'university grads' who couldn't even spell. This of course lends little credence to any other 'acheivements' they might haver been awarded. Lest anyone think that I was going overboard or making this stuff up as I went along, witness this missive, received only this morning:


I am writing in interest of the CCG program. I am currently in university and over the past six months I have been gaining an disire to become a Coast Guard. The position I would like to fullfil is to be a search and rescure guard than will repel of helicopters and skydive. I know there is much more to the job but I want to be one of the guys that does the extreme stuff. I have the greatest disire to help others and I believe that with disire, determination, and the comitment to never give up, I could be a potential prospect for a career with the CCG.

Thank you,"

This young gent is in fact English by the way, should any of you be wondering. In any branch of the military or SOAs (Special Operating Agencies), the very first ability a person must have, is the ability to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively. By default, this would pre-suppose knowing the language. It goes without saying that this individual's chances of being employed in any responsible position, let alone one so critical, could best be described as the same as a snowball's odds of survival in Hell.

I find myself wondering how much he and/or his parents have spent over the years, in order for him to reach this lofty level of miseducation? Someone, somewhere... should be asking for a refund.

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