Thursday, September 25, 2008

Second round of physio...

Once more today, I went through my physio session, before coming into work. I don't know that it's such a great idea, as I'm pretty much sore for the rest of the day. My better half dropped me off outside the Orleans Centre for Physiotherapy at about 0730 this morning. Having some time to kill and not knowing how far I would have to go for a bus afterwards, I struck out towards Place d'Orleans, just to see.

It took me all of 10 minutes to make it to Timmie's, where I bought a medium, double-double for the walk back. I was pretty confident that I could make it to the bus terminal to catch the 95, in just under 15 minutes. A crucial time assessment, if I was going to make it in to work by 1000hrs. I returned to the physio clinic at a slower pace arriving just in time for my 0800 appointment.

I began today's session by admitting to my trainer that I was a retard. He looked at me, amused and asked: why? So I told him about how I had 'overdid it slightly' on Tuesday and was now paying for it.

A female assistant confided to me that: "All our male patients do that at first...but to their credit, they learn", she quipped. Apparently we all want to get better 'yesterday' and so we tend to go overboard. 'Rehabilitation excitement' my trainer calls it... Go figure! Damn this male ego crap, anyway!

So I began with the pulleys again. These are two handles joined by a rope which travels through a small pulley mounted overhead. As I push down with my good arm, my injured one is lifted upwards until it is level or slightly beyond the height of my shoulder. Easy as can be, right? Lift until you feel tension, hold for 5 seconds, release. Repeat for 15 minutes. It has already improved my range of motion over what it was and I don't think this one particular exercise is what causes my arm and shoulder to ache so afterwards.

Next exercise... into the examining room, where I strip off my t-shirt. The assistant enters and places an electrical trigger unit in two places on my shoulder. She lays a long piece of rubberized material on the bed in front of me, sets the electrical charge until I can really feel it stimulating my muscle group and leaves the room to set the timer outside. I wrap the rubber band around my left fist, holding the long ends against my right hip with my good hand. The electrical stimulation charge lasts about 30 seconds. When I feel it, I slowly and gently exert outward pressure with my left forearm, trying to push it away from my body. When the current stops pulsing, I relax my left arm. The relaxation period is also 30 seconds. Again, this session lasts for 15 minutes. I check my watch... it's now 0945 as I complete the second exercise. Clearly I have started a little late this morning.

I am starting to wonder about any heat or massage treatment today. It looks as though there may not be time. The assistant stops by with a length of doweling. Rats! I hate this one. I hold the dowel with both hands, the dowel running horizontal to the ground, my forearms at a 90 degree angle to my body. I push the dowel with my right hand, so that my left arm and shoulder is rotated away from my body. Oowwww!!! Push, hold for 5 seconds, curse, relax the tension. I am to carry this out for 15 minutes as well, but I know that I cannot.

I put my t-shirt back on at 0856hrs, knowing that I must leave in the next few minutes to make my bus. At this point my trainer enters and instructs me to lie on my back on the table. He then reaches under my left shoulder, to the point where the base of my neck joins my shoulder. He grabs hold of the muscle there and clamps down on it! Holy Crap!! Painful...??? Lemme tell ya about it... He's instructing me to breathe and try to relax. Well, that's easy for him to say. The pain is excruciating... Still, I do my best to comply. After a couple of minutes of this steady pressure, I actually begin to feel the muscle loosen up. I breathe a bit easier. He maintains his pressure on it, until it has completely relaxed.

This is the first time since the accident, that this muscle has been in a relaxed state. It's been over 2 months now. My arm still hurts, but by comparison, I feel much better. I may even be able to get some decent sleep. So I thank my trainer, grab a set of exercises he has worked out for me and bolt to make my way to Place d'Orleans. It's a little after 0900. I pick up the pace, arriving at Place by 0916hrs. There is a 95 waiting there for me. I could not have written this chain of events any better. We arrive at Rideau Centre at 0946. By the time I trek through the centre and reach the back side of The Bay, it's 0950.

I cover the remaining distance to Clarence in 4 minutes and have just enough time to pick up a coffee and muffin from Timothy's. I arrive on the 3rd deck and log in at my workstation, at precisely 0959 and some seconds... A little close for my liking. Fortunately I'll be on earlier for the next two weeks and as such will be able to schedule my physio appointments for the evenings...

Slowly but surely... and at a pace I can handle, thank you.

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