Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"I'd like a Canadian fishing license..."

Among the many calls that we deal with, one of my favorites is the one where we have an American caller, asking to obtain a "Canadian fishing license". Now I've never purchased a fishing license in the USA, but I can pretty much assure you that each individual State manages their own natural resources. I'd lay odds that there is no one office in Washington, DC that is responsible for issuing "American fishing licenses". The same would go for hunting and/or waterfowling...

I'm not sure how small Americans think this country to the North of them is. Odds are they've never looked it up on a map, or they'd realize that Canada is larger still than the USA. Just like in the US, our federal government has little to do with the managing of each province and territory's natural resources. That's a responsibility which is left up to them. Just like education and health care.

I also enjoy how cavalierly they advise me that they'll be doing a little fishing in Alberta, then they're planning to skip over to Ontario then Kwee-Bek, to try their luck there. Again, these folks have obviously not measured any distances on a map and have no idea that they are in for days of driving.

'Murrikans sure are a funny bunch... 'Course then again, they're no funnier than the Canadian folks that call us up from one province, wanting to know if their fishing license is valid in another province they're planning on visiting... Why sure. They're just like having an International Driver's License. Better yet, they're just like Visa or Master Card. You can use 'em anywhere... Ummmm... I'm NOT actually serious about that, for those of you who might seriously be wondering. You can't use them in any other province/territory but the one they were issued in. Sorry if I got anyone danced up out there...

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