Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A shocker of an election...

This election's results have been nothing but shocking. I'm not talking about the results as far as who was elected, who lost a seat or a riding, or which party ended up in power here. The most shocking tally was the one which counted voters who failed to exercise their right, their privilege to vote. Are you ready for this???

10,000,000 voters did not bother to vote!! TEN MILLION VOTERS!! Are you hearing this???? Jesus, folks... That's fully one third of this country's population!! Who the Hell are these people...? Are they immigrants from other countries who don't know that they can vote here yet? Do they think they are not allowed? Let's face it... Many of the people we get here come from countries where the average individual does not have the luxury of voting. Some come from countries where their compatriots have given their lives in a struggle for democracy, so that others might have the right to vote. People have killed and died, for the privilege of voting. Somehow though, I find it hard to believe that someone who is finally given the right to vote, would fail to exercise this right. No... I don't think most of those who did not vote yesterday, were foreigners.

I would tend to believe that it is rather those who have become fat, lazy and complacent with endless helpings of democracy and human rights, who do not see the importance or the necessity of exercising this most fundamental democratic right. Those who have never been without this right. Those who have never faced tyranny, oppression, or lived under a dictatorship. Only these people, could think of treating the right to vote so cavalierly. So hear this, you lot... If you didn't vote, you have also given up your right to bitch about anything having to do with the federal government. No vote? No say! If I hear someone bitching about the federal government, the first thing I will ask them is: "Did you vote?" If they did, well and good. If they did not? Then it's a big: "Shut the fuck up!! You have nothing to say about anything! If you didn't vote, you have forfeited your right to complain!!!"

After all, that's just the democratic way...

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