Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So... would YOU hire him?

We received this e-mail this morning. It seems they just keep getting worse...

"To whom this may concern.

Hello im ***** ** ******** and im 20 years old. im currently enrolling myself with the RCMP in hopes of going out west to try to get into the CCR.

i went to school for police foundation and mised my 2 credits. i want to join the CCR team and am willing to do anything nessasary. i would like some help getting in if possible. willing to work and make up and courses needed to do so. i worked with the OPP Marine unit 2 summers past and have my lifeguard and license to work on a marina boat.

i hope to heat back from you soon with hopes of getting involved with your team. thanks for taking the time and responding to what i had to say."

If this guy was big and muscular, I could possibly see him having a future as a doorman, but not much beyond that.

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