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Cry me an islamic river...

The anti-Islam vote in the Netherlands electionson 06 23rd, 2010

The enormous success of the right wing anti-Islam party in the recent elections in the Netherlands indicates a widespread schism within the Dutch and wider European societies where the presence of the Muslims as equal participants of society is disputed.

(As well it should be. Muslims have as little in common with European cultures as they do with North American cultures. - Crypt.)

"Stop migration from the Muslim countries! Block the building of mosques or Muslim schools! Stop subsidising the multicultural programs," were prominent slogans of Geert Wilders, head of Freedom Party (PVV) during the election campaign in the Netherlands. His party obtained 1.5 million votes and increased its number of seats from 9 to 24 in the parliament. It is probable that the PVV may enter into a coalition with the mainstream liberal party VVD to form a government. This can lead to an extremely xenophobic and an anti-Muslim government in western Europe.

(It appears to me that someone should go look up the meaning of the term 'xenophobic'... xenophobia is an uncontrollable fear of foreigners. This is more a visceral dislike of a segment of 'humanity' who seeks the corruption and destruction of our way of life. There is a big, big difference between the two. - Crypt.)

The anti-migrant propaganda of Wilders appealed to certain quarters within the Dutch society. The old working-class neighborhoods that traditionally supported the Labor and Socialist parties got disillusioned with the presumed ‘elitist’ attitude of these parties. With increasing unemployment, economic downfall, changing neighborhood demographics – with more migrants, caused a feeling of isolation among these groups ("this is not my street" is a complaint heard often). The migrants are easy targets of such socio-economic isolation. Add to this the fast integration of Europe that increased distance between the people and decision-makers, thus ‘evaporating our national symbols’, as neo-nationalist like Wilders will argue for.

(Maybe it's rather that it's adherents are throwbacks to the stone age and are intent on turning back the evolutionary clock by some 2,000 years... - Crypt.)

The traditional polarisation of the Dutch political scene further added to the election win of the PVV. Wilders chided the traditional political parties for ignoring the worries of ‘common man’ on burning issues of migration, criminality and security. Afraid of loosing their vote bank the other political parties, the traditional parties did not present a clear opposition to Wilders’ accusations. In the process they lost to Wilders’ sentimental political ploy on such issues.

(You say 'sentimental'... I'll say 'common sense'... - Crypt.)

The success of parties like the PVV is a dangerous development with respect to the future of democratic values in Europe.

('Democratic values' meaning freedom for Islam to spread unchecked throughout Europe... - Crypt.)

Wilders’ party does not follow the rules of a traditional political party: it does not have a membership or party hierarchy or hold any party elections. In this sense it is mere a ‘movement’. Wilders successfully avoided any questions about bringing democracy within his own party. For the PVV, Wilders is a party ideologue, he formulated his party’s election program, chose the candidates and acts as the main media person of the party. An acceptance of such one-man demagogy within the Dutch political system shows an approval of certain undemocratic tendencies within a society that projects itself as a tolerant one.

(Muslims, regardless of where they hail from, are the world's most out-of-touch beings when it comes to any discourse on even the most rudimentary form of 'democracy', theirs being nothing short of a totalitarian society which bases their every law and belief on the fairy tale of Mohammad and Allah. - Crypt.)

This is even clearer if we look at Wilders’ ideas and his political program. In the past he advocated to "ban the Quran" and he likes to declare "Islam as a fascist ideology."

(Um-mmmm... Hello??? Because it IS...???!!! - Crypt.)

Such a theme is also reflected in the film ‘
fitna‘ that he produced about the negative aspects of Islam. In his election campaign he asked for banning migration from the Muslim countries, and deporting the ‘criminal’ Muslims to the country of their origin. His anti-Islam program is based on the notion that European civilisation is founded on ‘Jewish-Christian tradition’ thus denying any role of the Muslims in the recent history of the country.

(I think his anti-islam program is based more on a sense of reality... in that it simply does not mesh with the culture of his homeland. Very much like every single Muslim country in the world, derides, minimizes, attacks and insults every other religion but their own. When non-Muslims begin slaughtering Muslims in the street, simply because we feel that you might have slighted our 'religion', then you can talk about prejudice. And at that point, it will simply be the beginning of retribution. An eye for an eye, right? - Crypt.)

Moreover he even asked for ‘ethnic registration’ of non-white population thus importing the kind of practices that the Nazi-German applied to its subjects.

(Poor analogy, you witless moron. It is rather Muslims that seek to emulate the Nazis in their quest to rid the world not only of Judaism, or the Jews specifically...but of everyone who is NOT Muslim - Crypt.)

Even more worrying is that Wilders’ political agenda was received without a broader outrage within the Dutch public space. It indicates a clear indifference, if not an implicit support, within the broader public space about Wilders’ program. The political win of the PVV nonetheless present a dangerous tendency within the Dutch society where the majority of voters elected a group that tries to usurp the democratic rights of a minority.

(Yes, dangerous indeed. Imagine the nerve of the Dutch to want to retain their homeland for the Dutch... Enough of playing the minority, the race card! People will only buy into that politically-correct bullshit for so long and then what these so-called miniorities really want, becomes all too apparent. You want democratic rights? You will have to become a democratic people. You CANNOT do that and cling to these retarded beliefs that themselves usurp any freedom or rights which might be offered by any other form of society. - Crypt.)

The win of Wilders in the Netherlands cannot be seen without taking into account the broader debate about Islam and Muslims in the European countries. Whether it is debate about banning of hijab in public spaces in France and Belgium or the issue of height of minarets in Switzerland, Islam has become a politicised subject in Europe.

(Hm-mmmmm... and who exactly was it again who actually 'politicized' your entire religion, eh? That's right... Other fucking Muslims. While you stood gleefully and silently by... If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. - Crypt.)

These reactions to the Muslim presence however indicate non-acceptance of the emerging realities within the Dutch or European societies.

(Wrong again... what it does represent the unequivocal non-acceptance of a backwards, xenophobic and dangerous culture, which cannot be allowed to flourish amid progressive societies. - Crypt.)

M. Amer Morgahi is an extern researcher at the VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He can be reached at

(Mr. Morgahi may be a researcher of a sort, but he has no experience to match that of the Dutch themselves, who I'm sure remember only too well what it is like to live under the tyranny of a totalitarian 'master race'. It was Canadian troops which were largely responsible for their liberation during the Second World War and we rtemember that particular page of history very well indeed. They saw their freedom and their human rights taken away once before against their will. I dare say you will NOT find many of them willing to repeat this same scenario, trading the Nazis for Islamists. - Crypt.) 

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