Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 68th, Baby...

So I'm rolling 'Baby' out of the garage this morning. The temperature is fair, the roads are wet as it has only just stopped raining. But rain or not, we are riding in to work. I stop backing her out about midway down the driveway and turn on the ignition. I thumb the starter and she comes to life, settling into an easy "thump-thump-thump-thump".

I glance down at the speedo. It registers exactly 68,000kms. She must have just cliked past that milestone as we were in our final approach to the garage last evening. God love her, she has never run better. Well done, my girl! I rest her on her sidestand, dismount and walk to the garage to close and secure the door.

Walking back towards her, I look at her idling there. She is calm, patient and massive as she shudders slightly under her own restrained power. She is waiting for me...

I straddle her and bring her upright in one smooth, well-practised motion. We are one... I tuck in her jiffy stand with my heel and back her out into the street, locking the left-hand bar against her tank. Once in the street and parallel with the roadway, I straighten her bars, snick her into first and slowly release the clutch. Just a bit of throttle and we are moving towards the S-turn which will lead us to Renaissance Drive.

Lean left, straighten... lean right, straighten... lean left again, straighten... Shoulder check at the intersection, rolling into the right-hand turn at Renaissance, blip the throttle and rocket to the right-hand turn at Dorima. Shoulder check at the intersection, rolling into the right-hand turn which will lead us to Innes Road. Upshift to second gear as we near Innes. Shoulder check approaching Innes shows both directions free of immediately incoming cagers... roll on the throttle, upshift to third as we sweep left ahead of the approaching stream.

Happy 68th, Baby... and many, many more! :)

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