Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Is there a phone number...?"

Okay... so what has to be the quote of the week so far, was received by one of our agents this morning.

The female caller was calling from Quebec to get information on how to get a pleasure craft license for her new boat. She seemed a little confused about the whole process. Our agent, whom we'll refer to as M-E, told her what she would need to bring to the Service Canada office as far as documentation went and that she could get the application form directly there, if she wished.

She also advised the caller that if she preferred, she could download and print off the form from their national website.

M-E asked the caller if she would like to copy down the website URL and that's when she pulled out her now famous line:

"Is there a phone number for that website...?"

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Nadine said...

Poor M-E. She's my friend's sister, and I can just picture the look on her face when she heard it. Miss you guys at DFO!