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HSUS activists torture seal...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HSUS Activists Torture Animal For Promotional Video

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Members of the Humane Society of the Untitled States (HSUS) were caught on video by Pro-seal hunt filmmaker Raoul Jomphe as they contributed for hours to the suffering of a badly injured seal for a promotional video. According to the Ottawa Citizen:

“…the animal rights activists pulled the dying seal out of the water as it tried to escape, and continued filming their promotional video. It is not known how the seal was wounded.” Raoul Jomhe said.

"If I had been on the ice with my family and kids, I would have told them to turn around, and I would have killed the seal myself, because it was disturbing for me to see that. "To me this is just another piece of evidence of what I have known all along. Animal rights activist groups such as the HSUS and PETA are hypocritical. While they try to maintain the cuddly animal loving face in public behind the scenes they are among the cruelest animal abusers.

This is not the first documented case of animal rights activists purposely abusing animals to gain promotional film footage that they than use for their knee jerk propaganda. To learn more about the animal rights and their continued animal abuse I recommend these two reliable resources. (Exposing the animal rights movement) and PETA Kills Animals an affiliate organization of the equally recommended

Updated by Othmar Vohringer on March 30, 2008

It seems that the above event is not a first for them either. They staged an identical event 4 or 5 years ago. In another example they had an article written that appeared in several papers wailing about the record slaughter of seals that year, describing the horrors they had seen, the blood, the cruelty. The problem? There hadn't BEEN one. The event was canceled and postponed. They didn't know, hadn't been there. The article was made up. In another case, footage of sheriff department and vets darting tigers in a trailer was edited and a voiceover stated it was a "canned hunt". HSUS again. Want to bet this footage turns up soon on network and cable TV?

Without a mention of it being staged?

(I'd bet my life on it... - Crypt.)

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