Thursday, March 5, 2009

On the future sale of the Farley Mowat...

I had a very good laugh while reading this load of self-righteous bullshit today. I remember being in Halifax and still serving in the Navy, when they towed in the Sea Shepherd, the first such vessel to be used in the eco-terrorism game.

She was parted out for scrap and rightfully so. Same as what ought to happen to the Farley Mowat, but then again, they'd probably appreciate that too much. So no, let the ship be sold legitimately to a new owner and let's see Watson try his hand at true piracy, in the face of well-armed enforcement officers. He'd be no different that those worthless scumbags operating off the coast of Somalia... Sure here he is whimpering about holding a bill of sale for the ship at home... Awww, là... poor lad. Do you think that matters a flying fuck Watson, you pretend fucking matelot? What an arsehole, what a walking clusterfuck you are, me son and a right embarassment to all Canadians.

Like all good psychotic sons of whores, you'll eventually go out in a blaze of naval gunfire, if in fact there is some being out there that we might refer to as God... I've taken the liberty here of adding some comments of my own in response to these gems of crap issued by Watson himself. Read on, that you might fully appreciate the brand of insanity these idiots perceive as their reality.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009
The Farley Mowat - Let the Buyer Beware!

Without being charged, without a trial, without a hearing, without the serving of a summons, our ship the Farley Mowat has been ordered sold by the Government of Canada.

(The ship was legally boarded and confiscated by the Crown in Canadian waters, following a laundry list of federal offenses pertaining to the Fisheries Act, the Marine Mammal Regulations, the Canada Shipping Act and a host of international marine conventions and regulations, not the least of which were using the ship as a weapon while orchestrating 2 separate ramming incidents against a Canadian Coast Guard ship. Had the Navy been there, the crew of the Farley Mowat would not have survived the encounter...).

"Am I shocked or surprised?" said Paul Watson. "Not really, I've smelt the bananas in Canada all my life. My country has freedom of speech until you speak, freedom of expression until you express yourself, and the freedom to hold property until the government takes it from you. Nothing that Canada, where the red of the flag stands for the blood of millions of slaughtered seals surprises me anymore. The fact is that they stole our ship without any charges laid against it or the owners and now they have ordered the sale of our property against our wishes."

(The ship was forfeited by this group of eco-terrorists, pursuant to legal actions undertaken against it by the Canadian government. End of story. Against their wishes? He has to be kidding here...)

The Canadian government seized the ship in international waters in April 2008 and arrested Captain Alex Cornelissen of the Netherlands and 1st Officer Peter Hammarstedt of Sweden for the "crime" of witnessing and documenting the killing of a seal under the Canadian Seal Protection regulations.

(Again, the ship was boarded in Canadian waters. I myself have conducted legal boardings of foreign vessels much further out to sea than the Mowat was taken in. Our jursidiction extends to the limit of our EEZ, which is a full 200 nautical miles off land. Any imbecile would recognize that the Gulf of St.Lawrence, which is within sight of land of both Quebec and New Brunswick, is well within that limit. It also goes without saying that their 'witnessing the Atlantic seal hunt' had absolutely nothing to do with the vast array of charges which have been brought to bear against the ship's master and her crew.)

The Farley Mowat has been held for over a year although no charges were ever brought against the ship or the owners of the ship - the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

(You don't bring charges against a ship. You bring charges against her master and her crew. Something which of course has been done. The ship? That is seized in accordance with Maritime Law and the laws of this country, to be disposed of as suits the Crown).

"The Canadian government not only has little respect for the lives of hundreds of thousands of seals, they also seem to have little respect for property and the due process of law," said Paul Watson.

(How like Watson to try to lump the seal hunt in with respect for property and due process. Neither of which he himself is familiar with to any degree, I might add).

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society made demands of the Canadian government that the Farley Mowat be returned in the same condition it was received. They refused and made the decision to sell the ship without even notifying the owner (Sea Shepherd) that the ship would be seized.

(The Sea Shepherd Society, a recognized eco-terrorist group which bases itself out of the United States, is in no position to make demands of anyone, least of all the government of Canada. The Sea Shepherd Society as well as the Farley Mowat's master, had been warned off from proceding into Canadian waters, long before they arrived here and a good deal of time before the incident in question took place. These facts I have already plainly chronicled in other posts here).

"I have no intention of recognizing the validity of any sale ordered by the Canadian government," said Paul Watson. "Whoever buys the ship should be aware that we retain the registry and the original Bill of Sale and we will take back what is ours at the first opportunity. You don't steal a ship from a pirate without repercussions."

(Simply having a bill of sale kicking around in a drawer at home, is not quite enough to reverse a legal judgement and sale of the ship itself to a new owner. His threat of taking the ship back at the first opportunity, is a folly that if he actually attempts to follow through on it, will see him gunned down on the high seas. This gives a very good view of how simple-minded Paul Watson actually is. Totally naive to reality and the ways of the world. It truly must be confusing and painful for him to stumble his way through life, not having a fucking clue...).

Any potential buyer should also be aware that the ship has over a quarter of a million dollars in leans against it. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will notify the creditors to be alert to any persons claiming ownership of our property. The buyer should be aware that debts on ships under maritime law stay with the ship regardless of change of ownership.

The Canadian government is taking bids on our ship until April 12th.

( the risk of sounding repetitive here: "It's NOT your ship!")

Watson's message to any potential buyer of the Farley Mowat: "You will not be buying a ship, you'll be buying a debt worth more than the ship is worth and you will be buying something that will not be your property - ever!"

(As if anyone ever takes anything this jack-off Watson says seriously...).

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