Friday, March 27, 2009

Tomorrow's the day...

I've always figured myself to be a reasonably patient man. We're now at the 27th of March (2 days away from my daughter's birthday and only one away from my Mom's, God love 'em both...) and I have yet to see the appearance of the first street cleaner of the year. Tomorrow they are calling for sunshine and a high of 14 degrees. I'll be good-goddamned if I don't have 'Baby' out for her maiden ride tomorrow.


So what all does this entail? Picture if you will, a madman armed with a large push-broom, stirring up a massive whirlwind of dust, cussing profusely, as he endeavours to clear a gravel-free path for him and his trusty iron horse. This will probably not endear me to my neighbours... notably those who will have gone out and had their cars washed to greet this fine weekend we have coming. They'll probably reckon I've lost my mind. Yet in truth, what choice do I have? Like I said, I'm patient. But only to a point, obviously. As Clint Eastwood once quipped in the movie Magnum Force: "A man's got to know his limitations...".

So once I do clear some sort of a path through the chicane that constitutes our street, what then? Well if I have any energy or motivation left, I may wash Baby down. I'll check her tire pressure and hook her up to the battery charging system overnight. I ought to check out my riding gear as well. Hopefully my Joe Rocket ballistic nylon jacket will still fit. My ICON Super-Duty boots will certainly serve me another season yet, I'm hoping. My lids are good to go, as are my many sets of gloves. I located my favorite mesh-type doo-rag last night and my riding shades are on standby. She'll have enough gas left for our first run together. Hmmm... where to go?

There are so many places which would be an ideal "first destination". Manotick, Merrickville, Brockville, Kingston, Almont... How to decide? Maybe I'll just take a cruise through the back roads to the dealership, stooge around for a few minutes with a Coke and figure what I want to do from there? True I only have until 1400hrs or so, due to prior commitments. But I can still get in some decent riding, just to work out the kinks and clear away the winter season cobwebs. I'm already looking forward to it...

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