Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hypocrites or what...?

Okay... so now we're right into the sealing season and of course, our brain-damaged children the seal hunt protestors are coming out of the woodwork. The Germans and the Scandinavians are in the forefront this year, having taken up the torch from the Italians and Spaniards of last year's hoopla.

When I employ the term "brain-damaged", it's because normal, rational thinking people would not send us the following type of absolute drivel:

Subject: Seal hunt accidents.

"To whom it might concern.

I would appreciate if I can get an answer to my question.

It's always said that the seals are killed the human way. I wonder about the meaning of 'killing in an human way'??

What is human killing (I would call it mass murder) young -just out of baby age - animals to for commercial aspects ?

If it is ok to kill animals for commerce I wonder why people are brought to justice for (accidentally) killing any person who threaten some body with violence.

I wonder what would happen if the seals ( ) are arraigning the humans for mass slaughtering their children.

Would we humans say, Sorry Mr Seal you have to accept what happens because the fishers needs an income.

If the seals are eating to much of our fishes ...

Would it be ok if they invade the kindergartens and schools of our specie because we -vice versa- steal their fishes ?

Are the fishes in the oceans the property of the human beings ?

What would we humans do if the animals invade our superstores and food stocks to get their food as we do by invading their territories - Fishers do each day and especially factory fishers are responsible for many endangered fish species.

Why does the Coast guard support mass murders ?? Because its the business of coast guard to protect and rescue humans whatever they do?

Not long ago it was legal to kill native Americans to get their territory.

I wonder how long it will take till it becomes illegal to mass murder innocent beings by invading into their territories. (Um-mmmm... take a look back between the years 1939-1945 - Crypt.)

I hope that many frenzied attackers will kill themselves by accident (good luck in humans point of view) And I also hope that many sealers will become fish food this year again (good luck in seal point of view) And last but not least.

I would appreciate if Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans will allow TV to log the seal hunt to show the truth about the seal hunt.

If the DFO has nothing to hide on that subject, then it has no reason to disallow medias reporting about the truth.

Yours sincerely,"

Niedervellmarer Str. 69
34127 Kassel

Now I think we can all get onboard with the fact that the Native North Americans got a royal shagging. The way they were treated was and is, a matter of deep national shame. She's reaching back a couple of centuries there to make a point, but good for her. I'm not even going to take the piss out of her over her 'pigeon English'. She has done remarkably well in getting her point across. But of course, it's her point that I take exception to. The analogies of seals taking a murderous stand against humans notwithstanding...

So I'm not going to tiptoe around the huge elephant in the room here. You know where I'm going to go with this, don't you? And I sure as Hell don't have to go back near that many years. What has it been...? 64 years, unless I miss my count. Only a German would have the unmitigated fucking gall to write anyone and launch allegations of mass murder... To say nothing of equating human life with animal life. Only some cerebrally-deficient, Teutonic moron with no sense of her own history, would have the nerve to accuse Canada of the same hideous crimes against humanity as her own country was responsible for perpetrating, not so long ago. Yes, we're all quite familiar with the German take on the 'sanctity of human life'...

I'm pretty sure if you painted some yellow Stars of David on a bunch of seals and let her loose with a hakapik, she'd pretty well break a leg in her rush to get to them. Give it a rest, Helga!

I know the Nazis were big on filming their opposition as they were being strangled with piano wire as well as other scenes too hideous to mention, but we tend to shy away from such spectacles. Besides, there ought to be (and there are...) plenty of good seal snuff films available online, so you can satisfy your craving for blood anytime you want. Film crews/activists jostling amongst flailing weapons and firearms being discharged on ice floes...? I may be the only one to see that there lies a perfect recipe for disaster, but then again what do I know?

Norway and Denmark? Please... These two countries, along with everyone's favorite bad boy Japan, still practise commercial whaling! Hello-ooooo.... Whales endangered... seals not... Do I really have to explain this stuff to you morons? Add to that the fact that none of these assholes are avowed vegans and more than likely wear leather products (if not fur...) and eat meat. Has your lack of sunlight for months on end affected your brains to such a degree, that you can't see the rampant hypocrisy of your so-called protests?

Yes, we deal with this particular fiasco every year. It's simply tiresome and it burns my grits how some mentally-deficient individuals feel they are in a position to dictate to another country. How 'bout you folks get a life? And for you guys out there, don't think we don't know that the only reason you're protesting the seal hunt, is because you're trying to get laid...

How pathetic is that???

Here's another gem from the same looney broad:

"To whom it might concern,

Imagine, you wake up tomorrow morning, and will find your city covered with blood, You will ask youself, oh my godness what happened.

I will tell you.

The nature fights back

Some adult seals took some clubs and went to Ottawa government center and did the same as Canadians are doing to them.
No it is not the same.
The seals won't get payed for slaughtering.

I am sorry for writing that but its what I hope.
I am pissed of those Governments who invades into peaceful living beings to mass slaughter their babies.
But what do I expect from humans.
They do not learn.
They did the same 600 years ago with the native Americans.
Slaugthered them, extincted them, just for profit.
I am ashamed to be a human."
So now we finally get to the crux of the problem. She's ashamed to be a human. Well, nobody can fix that for you, sister. Hmmmm... Maybe she does know a thing or two about her own national history.

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