Friday, March 6, 2009

High anticipation for the weekend...

So here we are on the cusp of yet another weekend. I have to admit to a certain amount of trepidation. Excitement, even. No... for as much as they are announcing plus temperatures all weekend, it has nothing to do with riding, alas. Baby will not be venturing out too far this season before she gets a 'new pair of shoes' (new tires). I have yet to time the valves as well so no, she's not quite "good to go" yet.

My better half is going to be earning her wage all weekend. Normally she is able to wrangle off at least one day that we can spend together, however not so this weekend. Hopefully she will be able to get at least a day off next week.

My excitement then, is more in reference to an anticipated weekend of gaming. Does that sound sad? Well it shouldn't. A chance to pit one's skills against others around the world... It's like a huge game of chess, but the 'men' move and shoot and create carnage. And if you blow a move, you're awarded a re-spawn to see if you can't do better next time around. You wouldn't call Bobby Fischer or Boris Spassky a loser, would you? Well okay... not if you're a member of the intelligentsia. But I digress...

There is something indefinable about spending a weekend day in one's pj's, wrapped in a housecoat with a steaming cup of Nabob colombian coffee or English breakfast tea, stretched out on a hugely comfortable chaise in the dimly-lit games room, while listening to the screams and frantic cries of your enemies, as you rain down death from above on them. Or just as often if not more so, have death rained down on you... I tell you, it's just a little bit of heaven on earth, is what it is... Well, except for the dogs... The dogs still creep the bejeezus out of me...

So yes... bring on Call of Duty 4, Battlefield: Bad Company and of course, Call of Duty - World at War. I will be only too happy to indulge in these three of my favorite online games. With any luck at all, I'll be joined online by my son-in-law, who himself is quite the avid gamer. We have tons of fun when playing online. Much of the mirth will normally center around each others' lame and unglorious military death, but there are also bouts of mutual support when one or the other is on a particularly good run, or timely (and not-so-timely...) warnings issued when one of us is about to get shivved by some sneaky ne'er-do-well.

But most of all, it fits the main criteria that most men demand of any passtime if we are to deem it worthwhile: it's fun! For some glorious reason, there are some of us males who retain our capability to simply do something, anything... just for the sheer fun of it. I see many males who manage to convince themselves that "at my age" they should be way beyond enjoying certain things. Well I beg to differ. I've never quite taken myself that seriously, that I won't allow myself to enjoy doing something pleasurable. And fuck anyone who dares to say different, I don't mind saying.

If anyone ever tries to tell you what you ought to be doing for enjoyment in life, based on either your age or what they enjoy doing, you just tell 'em to get the fuck off your radar. You have to be pretty arrogant and full of yourself to even suggest anything of the like to another human being, really. Normally this is the type of crap that comes from someone who doesn't have a clue how to live their own life, so they figure they can probably do a better job living someone else's life for them instead. Yes, that's right... you really can't get more wrong than that!

So yes... this weekend, nothing but good stuff.

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