Monday, July 13, 2009

A really short weekend...

Well as promised, the rain showed up on Saturday and pretty much trashed a bunch of stuff I or we could have done. Still, I did manage to get Baby's oil and filter changed on Saturday, as well as service the K&N air filter so she can breathe properly. Outside, it rained like there was no tomorrow. Sunday we did some small jobs on the house and went for a drive out Plantagenet way, to view some prospective properties.

I took a short ride out Cumberland way on Sunday morning (0715). It was perfect. No traffic, no hassles. I did a loop out to Dunning Road, down to Old Montreal Road and then out to Tim's in Rockland. One small coffee later and I was on my way back, content that the new oil had now been circulated to all the moving parts. Later that afternoon, as we returned from our property visits, I once more took Baby out for a cruise along the backroads to the Powersports dealership off of Hunt Club. I picked up one set of EBC (HH) brake pads, for the princely sum of $62.00. It takes three sets to do a complete change-up on Baby. Jesus wept... I made a mental note to find a cheaper source stateside, who could deliver them free to my UPS Store in Ogdensburg, NY.

I spied some heavy clouds and rain walls approaching the dealership parking lot, as I stepped back ouitside the store. I had seen them on the way in, as I approached the airport along the Rideau River Road. The long tendrils of rain couldn't have been any more than 2 minutes behind me, by the time I finally caught the light at the corner of Laser and Hunt Club. I veered left and booked it, leaving the nasty wet stuff behind. I had thought of retracing my meandering steps through the country, but decided that a quick and straight getaway would be more appropriate in this case.

I kept checking the skies around me, noticing isolated rain clouds here and there, tracking along with me. Paralleling my course, it seemed. I stayed on Hunt Club until it intersected Hawthorne Road, where I again veered left, headed down to Walkley. At Walkley I hung a right, arcing over the 417 and heading out to the country. I wanted to stay away from Innes Road for the time being, as weekends are always hellish for traffic, due to the shoppers and other mall-crawlers that choke up the major thoroughfares.

In very little time, I was turning onto the Anderson Road. I took the right hand turn at the end, leading me to the zig-zag path to Renaud and finally, Mer Bleue. Through it all, the rain clouds were alternately following, then closing in on me. It was nip and tuck but by the time I finally had to turn onto Innes Road, I could plainly see that the storm clouds were tracking East along the other side of the river. On the Gatineau side... I had dodged the bullet once more. After cleaning the bugs off Baby (which I do immediately after every ride, for those who want to know...), I had a little rest until we decided that perhaps a movie would be a good thing.

We headed out to see the 1920hrs showing of 'Public Enemies' featuring Johnny Depp, one of my favorite actors I have to say. The movie was quite good but by the time we made it back home again, I was more than ready to call it a day. We hopped into bed and chilled while watching some comedy program. I think we both kept fading in and out and eventually, it was lights out. For some reason, the weekend had really felt short.

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