Monday, July 6, 2009

"What will the neighbours think...???"

Probably a couple of weeks ago, I got up in a particularily good mood. As a matter of fact, I think it was upon returning from the Blue Ridge Mountains. At any rate, my wifey had gone to work and I was standing out on our back deck in my pjs with a cup of coffee, at about 0900hrs. I suppose I should add that I have never had a good hair day, first thing in the morning. But being a typical guy, my hair is the least of my concerns at that time of day. My thoughts are more along the lines of: "Is there coffee? Is it good and strong? Is it making it's way to my mouth?" Trust me... hair does not even make it's way onto my agenda until 1100hrs or so.

So I'm feeling good. Playful, even. "This is never a good thing", my better half would say. As I stand there, feeling very much grandiose and surveying my minuscule kingdom, I happen to spy a neighbour of mine, also standing out on her deck and looking curiously in my direction. I do not know this person and we have never spoken before. Our eyes made contact. I raised my coffee to her with my good arm, while my bad arm contorted into some Howie Mandel-esque gesture. I flash her a maniacal grin and yell across our yards: "I dressed my...self!!!"

Then I just stood there, looking ever so pleased with myself. My would-be neighbour did not reply. She actually broke eye contact and quickly disappeared inside her house, drawing the curtains after her. Hmmph! Some neighbour... Ah well, I guess that's how you figure out who you want to talk with and who you don't. If they had've had a sense of humour, they would have had a witty comeback, or at least would have laughed. I told my wife about this particular encounter a while afterwards and she laughed saying: "Oh my God... what are the neighbours going to think!?!??"  Now see... she is someone worth talking to. She gets it. Hmmmm... Maybe that's while we're still together 12 years down the road.

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