Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You are SO Torontarded...

So what can you miss in one day's absence from work? Only one of the best calls ever... As my cohort 'Grouchy' related to me this morning, he received a gem of a call. He began by stating: "Yeah, I got a call from this guy from Toronto...". Right away, I knew it was going to be noteworthy.

"So I greet him, you know...He asks me how I am, oh I'm fine... then I ask him how he is. He says: "Well, I'm pretty well pissed off right now...".

Grouchy asks: "And may I ask why...?"

Caller: "Because I can't find where to buy your fucking fishing licenses, 'cause Canadian Tire doesn't sell them anymore...".

Grouchy: "Canadian Tire has never sold fishing licenses for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, sir...".

Caller: "YES... they HAVE!!!"

Grouchy: "NO... they HAVEN'T…!!!" (I can tell he's from Toronto). So I situate him and ask where he's calling us from. Tah dah!!! Yep, Toronto.

Grouchy then informs our 'brainwave' that unless he's going to fish coastal or tidal waters, he's going to have to talk to his province about getting a fishing license.

Grouchy then provides him with the appropriate contacts for Service Ontario, the provincial enquiry and referral service and then sends him on his way.

This guy was so-oooo friggin' Torontarded!!! LOL!!!

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