Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's next?... "I pay your salary!!"...???

Here is a beauty we received from a woman in Ontario. It is abundantly apparent that her town of residence is perilously close to Toronto (about 40km from Richmond Hill or Mississauga), as far as being 'Torontarded' goes.

Quote: - I am a Canadian taxpayer. I do not want any of my tax dollars used to rescue idiot sailers(sic) stuck in the North West (sic) passage. Let them either pay or spend the winter there.
Since our Canadian government is charging more and more for heating fuel and electricity I am not willing to pay a cent for you to rescue people who only want to prove global warming and have just found out how wrong that is. - End quote.

This is very reminiscent of the "US military death ray experiments on the West Coast" e-mail we received only days ago. Although in this case, the main subject of this woman's concern is not even a legitimate cause for complaint. Seismic testing on the other hand, is a very legitimate area to bitch about. This reminds me of the segment in a Family Guy episode where Lois says to Peter: "Remind me to tell you when we get home, all the things that are wrong with that statement." Let's see on how many points this person is totally out to lunch:

1. Your 'tax dollars', do not pay for or fund Search and Rescue services anywhere in this country.

2. It is not the Canadian government that charges you for either heating fuel or petrol. They do slap an excise tax on it and then the federal portion of the GST (unless you're fortunate enough to live in Alberta...), followed by your provincial government's tax which is even larger. It is the privately-owned fuel oil and gas companies themselves who set the price for these commodities and who in fact is charging you for them.

3. It is not the Canadian government that charges you for electricity.
It is privately run companies who provide hydroelectric power services though their rates are regulated by your provincial government.

4. Those with a desire to explore and travel the Northwest Passage, do not do so: "to prove global warming". We already have plenty of proof of that, believe me...

5. If you mean that these same people have "just found out that global warming is wrong", that statement makes no sense. It is like saying: "I've just found out that hurricanes are so wrong". Or the monsoon season in India is so wrong. Or the high tides in the Bay of Fundy are so wrong... Global warming is an established fact. It is a climactic state of being, if you will. It is not the first time this has happened in the history of our planet, although this time around it seems readily evident that we humans and our senseless disregard for our planet, have acted as a catalyst for it's arrival.

So after analyzing this e-mail, I think it would be fair to conclude that it is not only completely inane and irrelevant, but baseless as well. Congratulations! You have not only wasted your time (of which you apparently have much to waste...), but mine as well. On the plus side though, you have provided some amusement on an otherwise uneventful Thursday and re-confirmed why there is this gathering trend for ridiculing "all things Toronto".

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