Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pelley's Nails...

The president of a Newfoundland nail company, Greg Pelley, was looking for a new ad campaign that would launch his product into the mainstream.

He consulted an advertising firm based in Toronto and laid out what he had in mind. Within the hour, he received a call from the young ad executive, who advised him to watch his local CTV channel the following evening at 7:45pm sharp.

The next evening, he dutifully tuned in to CTV at precisely 7:45pm. He was aghast at what he saw. The scene depicted the Son of God hanging on the cross, while in the background the narrator's voice, thick with a bayman's Newfoundland accent intoned: "Pelley nails… they're stronger than Jesus, B'ye!"

Furious, the president phones the ad agency and gives them a royal reaming out. He tells them they have 24 hours to repair whatever damage they might have done to his company's good name. The publicist promises to set everything to right and pleads with the president to watch the next ad which will be scheduled to run the following evening, in the same time slot.

The president, anxious to protect his company's reputation, settles himself in front of his TV at 7:45pm the following evening.

The ad comes on and this time, the viewer sees a bloodied Christ, running in the desert, trying to escape Roman soldiers who are pursuing him. The camera cuts to the soldiers when one rants at the others: "You assholes… I told you we should have used Pelley nails!!"

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