Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Now you see you don't!!

I pulled into the driveway Monday afternoon, after having to thread the bike between my neighbour's car and my better half's van. The garage door was already open, as my wife has the endearing habit of opening it for me, when she knows I must be close to arriving home. I had just avoided a large patch of black clouds which had literally 'followed me home'. She opened the door leading into the house, as I dismounted and began removing my gear from the bike.

"So what kind of a day did you have?", I asked her. "Why don't you tell me?", she replied. I looked at her , baffled. "I don't know what you mean", I said to her. Without a word she walked out the open garage door to the front patio area near our front door. It was only then that I noticed that our entire old 'red brick' patio, frame and all, had been removed and the pea gravel combed out. An enormous job, to be sure. "Holy Crap!!", I said. "Wh-where are all the bricks??", I asked her. "I took them to the dump", she replied very matter-of-factly.

"All in one trip?", I asked. "Yep...". I was pretty amazed. This is a large project. One of the larger ones we have on our list. She related how she removed all the bricks which made up the patio (there were over 200 of them...), loaded them into the back of her van and carted them off to the dump, where she then had to unload them, two at a time she informed me, and bifted them into a pile. She did mention that when she went to sign the sheet for the dump fee, her hand was shaking a bit. I'm not surprised!! I was amazed she could still use them. She had also mown the lawn, dismantled the old frame, cleaned the patio area, done a load of wash and generally made our place look wonderful. Talk about a full day's work...

Truly... I never know what to expect when I get home. But then again, I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course...

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