Thursday, November 19, 2009

More looniness from the Imams...

I can always rely on Pakistan's DAWN online newspaper (or any other Islamic journal for that matter...), to provide me with humorous perspectives on life from a Muslim point of view. They provide incessant proof of the absolute incompatibility of Muslim and Western beliefs and values.

Here is the latest offering of this religion-based insanity:

Clerics cringe as '2012' causes storm in Indonesia.

JAKARTA: Hollywood's latest doomsday offering '2012' has caused a storm in Indonesia, with conservative clerics condemning it Thursday as a 'provocation against Islam.'

Screenings have been sold out across the capital Jakarta following the film's success in North America, where it beat Disney's 'A Christmas Carol' to top the box office honours last weekend.

It looks likely to repeat its success in Indonesia, the Southeast Asian archipelago with the world's biggest Muslim population, judging by the queues at cinemas in its opening days this week.

But while most viewers said they had enjoyed the film's apocalyptic vision of life after December 21, 2012, when the fulfilment of a Mayan prophecy sees the Earth engulfed by catastrophe, senior clerics were deeply troubled.

The country's top Islamic body, the National Council of Ulema (MUI), is divided over whether or not to issue a fatwa or religious edict against the film. One local branch has already done so, to little apparent effect.

'The controversial things about the film are, first, in Islam doomsday should not be visualised or predicted, it's the secret of God,' council chairman Amidhan told AFP.

'For the common people, the portrayal of doomsday in this film could distort their faith - that's what I'm worried about.'

He also complained that the film showed mosques being destroyed but not churches, despite sequences depicting the Vatican collapsing and Rio de Janeiro's monumental Christ the Redeemer statue crumbling to pieces.

'The film shows that everything including Kaaba (Islam holiest shrine) and mosques were devastated except for churches. The film is a provocation against Islam,' Amidhan said.

'The Indonesian film censorship body should have cut part of the scene on the devastation of mosques or the Kaaba because it hurts the Muslim people.'

But few people who emerged from a packed matinee showing in Jakarta on Thursday shared the clerics' worries.

'It's actually a beautiful film. The MUI branch is wrong about issuing a fatwa as the movie actually has increased my faith and not the other way around,' insurance broker Ian Ramelan, 49, said.

'I'm a Muslim, my faith in Allah is stronger after watching this flick,' he added, urging the clerics to worry more about rampant corruption in Indonesia than about Hollywood's apocalyptic Christmas blockbuster.

University student Rafi Gamal, 22, said he understood that some people might think the film controversial 'because men were able to predict doomsday and thus played the role of God.'

'But then again it's just another natural disaster movie in which there are some survivors in the end. The end of the world means that there'll be no survivors,' he said.

Junior high school student Steven Benedictto, 14, said the film had a positive message.

'I disagree with the MUI that people should not watch this movie. It has a beautiful message that we all should repent and industries should reduce their sinful activities, such as deforestation,' he said.


Yeah, sure... and having someone take your picture actually allows them to steal your soul. It's the Flintstones, I tell ya... the frikkin' Flintstones...

The ONLY acceptable and logical response to the accusation that anything, be it a gesture, a word, an action, a cartoon or a movie, is offending another person's religion, is a resounding: "FUCK YOU!!"

You are more than welcome to follow whatever delusion, honoring whichever non-existent, man-made deity you wish. That's fine. Whatever it takes to get you through the day. But you have to understand something... OTHER PEOPLE (INCLUDING ME) DO NOT SHARE YOUR DELUSION AND YOU CANNOT EXPECT THEM TO!!!!

If I even think of altering my freedom of speech, my ways of expressing myself, my beliefs, based on the fact that they might "offend" your make-believe God, or worse, your own religious convictions, all I'm doing is validating your beliefs. I'm adding weight to your argument. Trust me, that's NOT ABOUT TO HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON. It's the same as you telling me there's an invisible person in the mddle of the room. Let's call him 'your imaginary friend'. Then you tell me that your imaginary friend doesn't like what I am saying. If I lower my voice, I've just agreed with you that there is in fact an invisible person in the middle of the room. I have voluntarily decided to share your delusion. I'm just as fucking crazy as you... No chance, Buckwheat...

So if I am of the opinion that your 'Almighty' was in fact simply a perverted, pedophile, goat-fucking herdsman (if in fact he ever existed at all...), you my friend have no choice but to suck it up and deal with it. I'm not responsible for your "feelings" and neither is anyone else.

You can say what you want about any religion you choose. I don't ascribe to any of them, of any type. For they are all make-believe and are based solely on man's need to control his fellow-man and our deep-rooted denial of our own mortality. There are no 'deities' involved. The Muslims particularily hate people like me, because there IS no comeback. What're you gonna do? Insult the "late J.C."??? Sorry, don't believe and don't give a North American rat's ass about what you think and/or believe either.

No so-called "God" would be so sick and unevolved, as to sponsor the neanderthal-like stupidity and brutishness which have been the hallmark of every religion invented by man (exception going to the Buddhists, here...). And for any mortal to claim that their non-existent deity is "THE" one... well that just adds credence to my basic philosophy. You gotta be pretty goddamn full of yourself to proclaim that.

If we were to follow their logic, we would have no choice but to declare Islam an affront to our true God, to common sense and to human decency. Believe me... it's very easy to tell that "The West" is not conducting another "Crusade against Islam".

The proof...??? Those sons-of-bitches are all still here.

Sigmund Freud said it best: "God is a delusion and religion, a virus".

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