Monday, November 9, 2009

On Somali 'pirates'...

It's headlines like these that make me seriously want to re-enlist. I cannot tell you the satisfaction it would give me to send these rat-bastards down under to feed the sharks.

Piracy was a problem, a long, long time ago. There were pirates in 500 BC and all the way up to the late 1600's. It was a problem that was handled. There is only one way to combat piracy, and that is by killing pirates (public executions work best), destroying their ships (we have more than the wherewithall to do that these days...) and obliterating their lairs (let's face it... carpet bombing Somalia would only make the place look better).

It worked way back then and it will work today. All we need do is to resist the urge of giving this job to some goddamn civilian, who will fuck it up just as surely as they would The Lord's Prayer.

Mid-ocean pirate attack on tanker.

Pirates are believed to use "mother-ships" to attack far from the shore

Somali pirates have attacked an oil tanker some 1,000 nautical miles (1,850km) off the coast, the EU's anti-piracy mission says.

The Hong Kong-registered BW Lion managed to evade an attack by two fast skiffs, firing automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, it says.

This is said to be the furthest pirate attack yet from the Somali coast.

Meanwhile, a maritime expert reports that pirates have seized a ship carrying weapons.

New tactics.

Up to 40 ships from the EU, US, China, India and Japan are involved in anti-piracy operations, mainly around the Gulf of Aden.

The forces believe their presence has deterred and foiled many attacks.

But BBC defence correspondent Nick Childs says the pirates have changed tactics and shifted their focus further out into the Indian Ocean.

The BW Lion was attacked some 400 nautical miles (741km) north-east of the Seychelles.

Pirates are believed to use "mother-ships" to transport small speedboats from the coast so they can stage attacks.

Andrew Mwangura, of the East African Seafarers' Assistance Programme, told Reuters news agency that a ship carrying weapons to Somalia in contravention of a UN arms embargo was seized on Sunday.

Last month, a British couple sailing a yacht in the Indian Ocean were captured by pirates, who say they will only be freed if a ransom is paid. (Stupid, stupid people... totally clueless and un-prepared. - Crypt.)

Pirates are also threatening to kill three Spanish sailors if two pirates held by the Spanish authorities are not freed. (Pirates should never be captured alive... they should be dealt with on the spot. That prevents these types of situations from occurring. - Crypt.)

Somalia has not a functioning national government for 18 years and the lawlessness has spread to the high seas in recent years. (Does this really surprise anyone...? - Crypt.)


Yep... It's definitely time to take out the trash. These losers aren't 'pirates'... They're no more that a mob of unruly goddamn chimpanzees with AKs and RPGs. And the world is allowing them to hold it's shipping lanes hostage??? I don't fucking think so... They don't need to be 'deterred' of 'foiled'. What they need to be is blown out of the water. Shot out of hand like the dogs they are. Very much like the SEALs did when they rescued Captain Richard Phillips, the skipper of the hijacked US container ship.

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