Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A very nice surprise...

I have to admit that I wimped out this morning for some reason and took the van. As I entered the carousel loop along the Rockcliffe Parkway, I remained very alert as always, even though deer sightings have been at an all-time low this year. But here a little less than halfway through the carousel turn, to my right-hand side, I saw a very good sized buck, slowly making his way through the bush.

He was a six-pointer at least and was very healthy. I was startled upon seeing him. The last buck I had known to inhabit these parts, had been mowed down by some mindless jackhole in an SUV, as he/she was talking on his/her cell phone. The strike had occurred right at the entrance to the Deer Alley section of the Parkway, just as the road leads from the overpass that crosses the 174. Without a buck, I figured the herd's existence was in jeopardy and that perhaps they would wander off to another territory.

It was a very, very pleasant surprise and a great way to start off a Tuesday.

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